Vauxhall Monaro used car buying guide

Vauxhall Monaro is a very powerful car with a punching acceleration. Also, the car gets power from a very powerful V8 engine that provides enormous power to the car. This is a rebadged car of the Aussie brand. The company has many years of experience with big engines. Also, the car has a very good reputation in the consumer car market and the US is available by the name Pontiac GTO. The car also has a Griffin badge and became one of the most powerful cars in the UK. We have come with a Vauxhall Monaro used car buying guide. 

Also, the car gets its power and drift from mostly its powerful engine and other things are just similar to any other car. The interior of the car is also much similar to the materials that were used in mid1980. However, the car has all the basic amenities inside. The gearbox of the vehicle is somewhat cumbersome and also seems to be very difficult to deal with. Also, the car is not having an excellent figure when it comes to terrifying fuel economy. The suspension also seems to be old and also does not work very well on bumpy roads. The below part carries all the necessary information regarding Vauxhall Monaro used car buying guide. 

Table of Content-

  • History of Vauxhall Monaro
  • Vauxhall Monaro for 2005 facelift
  • What to look for before getting one
  • Conclusion

History of Vauxhall Monaro-   

The car was on sale in Australia for many years. However, in 2004 the car came into the UK market. Its first model has a 5.7litre and is under the brand name of the Vauxhall badge. Also, Monaro got very good respect in the market because of its engine that can generate a power of 329bhp. In three months the car was the same in the market. They sold all of their inventory and also have many deliveries left in their bucket. 

The VXR performance arm also came to the market at the same time to save the brand from that high demand. This is also a powerful version and became rapidly popular in the consumer market.  Also, the car gets power from a powerful engine that can generate a power of 382bhp. Its more aggressive wheels with a new interior design are also a reason for its huge success. 

The Vauxhall VXR also has some more modifications to come and now it has a 6.0-liter engine. Which is bigger than its older 5.7litre engine. Also, these changes made to the car increase the efficiency of the car to 403bhp. However, the previous model can generate a power of 354bhp. There were also some changes made to the looks and design of the car. However, in 2006 production of the car was stopped. Now the car is available as a used car. To help you with that here is a Vauxhall Monaro used car buying guide.    

Vauxhall Monaro for 2005 facelift-

The company also came up with some new facelift designs for the Monaro and added prominent bonnet vents. Also, you can identify or differentiate the new Monaro from the old one through its exhaust. The Monaro before 2004 has an exhaust pipe on the left side. However, cars made after 2004 have a dual exhaust pipe. Although many of the Monaro’s have gone through a repair. Hence it is somewhat difficult to spot the difference through these designs.

          Also, the best way to have in detail information about the car is through a VIN or vehicle identification number. Which you can find in the closing panel of the engine bonnet. Mostly the car was made between 2004 to 2005. Hence a car with a late registration would be lying around ideally after these years. Also, it is easy to find the actual time of the car in the closing panel of the engine bonnet. That may be a very beneficial Vauxhall Monaro used car buying guide tip. 

However, you can buy a Monaro for about 6,000 euros. This car may also need very much care and we can give better advice to go on with the car in a better condition. As the car may also hurt you in the long run like it may need an expensive repair that may hurt your pocket. There is even higher-end trim available in these models. As you can buy a VXR500 that is a superb car. The price of the car can start from 20,000 euros.

What to look for before getting one-


These don’t normally give much trouble to the owner. However some cars with a 6.0litre engine there are also chances of failure in the engine. Also, the radiator of the car has a very serious problem of leaking through the driver’s side. The rusting of fuel pipes is also a common problem. The car also needs servicing after every 10,000 miles of the journey.  

Interior of the car-  

Have a look at your seats so that they also don’t move while you are accelerating or decelerating the car. Also, check if the carpets are dry or wet as door seals may be too old to fail.  

suspension, steering wheel, and Brakes- 

Its steering wheel has a great problem of failure. Especially if you can find a car with higher mileage. Also, it’s cooler in the steering wheel gets a bad hit by the obstacle present in the road. The rear-wheel brakes of the car get some rust and also front-wheel dampers are very prone to wear.


Have a basic look for engine oil leaks and sticky operations. Also, drive the car whether it drives well and does not produce any noise that may sound to be unhealthy. As bearings in the rear wheel crack can also produce some weird noises because it is prone to get fail. The main seal of the gearbox may leak and also there may be a failure with the center driveshaft rubber.

Body and Chassis-    

There are also very high chances of rusting in the rear suspension, the lower side of the chassis, and edges of the bonnet. However, there seems to be no such great problem with sills and flour pans.


Monaro is a wonderful car with enormous power inside its bonnet. Also, it is a very good option in the used car market if you can find one in a healthy state. However, it is also not fair to say anything to buy a particular model as different models have different tastes. Here we have come with a Vauxhall Monaro used car buying guide. To help you in this process there are different expects referred to in this article. This may also help you to buy a genuine car that will not give you trouble much early. For further reading you can refer to Used car buying guide: TVR Tuscan, Used Car Buying Guide: Land Rover Discovery 3, Used car buying guide: Land Rover Discovery 2 – Complete Guide, Full Used Car Buying Guide: Land Rover Freelander 2, and Used Car Buying Guide: Reliant Scimitar GTE Cars.

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