10 Sign That Indicates To Service Your Car Transmission

10 Sign That Indicates To Service Your Car Transmission

The transmission of the vehicle is the most vulnerable part of the vehicle and ignoring its situation can land in burning thousands of dollars in repairs. The repairing of the transmission can even cost you as high as $5000 for reconstruction. Hence it’s good to buy a brand new car. Having a proper service record of the vehicle can reduce the chances of these costly repairs. As it is easy to tackle small problems beforehand. Also, transmission problems do not arise in just one or two days beforehand; they come with some symptoms. Here are the 10 Signs That Indicates To Service Your Car Transmission.

Table of Content-

  • Engine producing more power than usual
  • Noises while driving in Neutral
  • Fluid Leaks
  • Some weird smell
  • Engine not responding
  • Increase in-car vibration 
  • The gear shift is not working
  • Clutch drag
  • Check for the engine light 
  • Delayed or Clunky shifting
  • Conclusion

1- Engine producing more power than usual

The engine has more power than it usually does is a common symptom of a worn-out clutch. The wheels don’t get enough power from the gearbox because of the clutch slippage. It’s a normal problem in the stick shift but can also be a problem in automatic transmission. Hence if your engine is showing more power than it usually has. Then your transmission system needs a check. 

2- Noises while driving in Neutral

If your vehicle is producing some weird noises when you are driving the car in neutral. Then it’s a symptom of the transmission going bad. This problem can also refer to the need for new transmission oil for your vehicle. Also, it can be a worse prediction about the need for an expensive repair because of engine wear out.   

3- Fluid Leaks

The fluid helps the car lubricate, cool, brake, smoothen the steering wheel and also wipe the windscreen. If your vehicle is going through a fluid leak and you have not replaced it at that pace then your engine can get up with some problem. In an automatic car, you can very easily detect a fluid leak with its red colour and sweet smell. However, it may also have a dark colour with its toasty smell. In this kind of situation, you should definitely look for a mechanic. Running a car having a fluid leak problem can lead to excessive wear out in the transmission.

4- Some weird smell

If there is any type of weird smell coming out from your engine then it may be a sign of some blander. Also if there is some smell of burning then it can mean the problem has got worse. It may be because when the transmission fuel is less it starts to overheat and burn. The result of which is the engine getting warmer and can contribute to early wear out and corrosion. There may even be other reasons for burning smells like dripping freeze and melting heater core.

5- Engine not responding

If your vehicle is not responding properly to the given input and is hesitating to start. Then there is really something wrong with the transmission. In the case of a manual drive, this may be due to the fact that the RPM surge and the engine noise are not colliding with your speed. This can be a problem with the clutch but you can only get the exact reason after the vehicle service.

6- Increase in-car vibration  

Everyone wants to drive a car that is more refined and offers a smooth drive. However, if the vehicle is vibrating more than it usually does then it may be an engine problem. Although most people see it as a sign of cars getting older. After you identify the problem, try to fix the problem immediately. As there are many components that are vibrating in the car and failure of one may start a chain reaction.  

7- Gear shift is not working

If there is some problem with your gearbox it would definitely be a problem with your transmission. The cars with automatic transmissions have a very typical design. Also, it can be because of overheated transmission, hydraulic failure and some mechanical problems. If you are driving a manual car then it may be because of the gear, pressure plate of clutch or clutch disk and a damage synchronizer. There may also be a problem with the linkage or the clutch cable.

8- Clutch drag

The clutch dragging problem does not apply to cars with automatic transmissions. However, it’s a symptom of a problem with manual drive vehicles. Some type of slack in the clutch makes the car difficult to disengage. As the clutch has the function to transfer the power from the engine to the drivetrain and due to this it becomes very difficult to change gears.   

9- Check for the engine light 

The modern vehicle has a variety of sensors to detect the problem with the transmission. Hence check for the warning of transmission failure in your dashboard. Most of the time a unique light for the transmission problem may also light up. However, a general warning for the engine failure problem may also be there. After detecting this problem you must consult a workshop to identify and rectify the problem. 

10- Delayed or Clunky shifting

The automatic transmission must shift the gears between the transmission very gently. Also, it must not feel clunky or too jerky if you are not driving a higher-end sports car model. As it has a single-clutch gearbox. The mechanic must properly check these problems so that they can not start a chain reaction and hence bundle the problems.


If your vehicle is going through any of these mentioned problems then you must short it out by a professional mechanic. Ignoring any of these symptoms like the smell, fluid leaks and engine seize can leave you to spend thousands of dollars and can also hurt you in the long run. Also, the vehicle’s transmission is the most wearing part in the vehicle than any other vehicle component. A refined transmission is equivalently important to the car’s engine. It’s the work of the transmission to transfer the power from the engine to the wheels. 

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