Tips And Tricks from the Car Detailing Industry

A car is one of the primary investments a person will make in life, aside from a house. Sometimes a vehicle is the single most important investment people make. With an asset like this, owners aim to retain as much value as possible by being vigilant with the care and upkeep.

That means the car will have routine servicing and above-average cleaning or car detailing to keep the body and paint in optimum condition and the interior pristine. While not everyone can invest in professional detailing services, the tips and techniques can be learned and incorporated into standard care.

A priority is learning the tools and equipment used in the process and how to organize these. For convenience, everything should be readily available using either a moving cart or another storage solution that can bring the accessories along as you move from one section of the car to the next.

Once you learn to work like the experts, catching on to the tricks and helpful hints for each technique will be easier.

What Are the Expert Secrets for Car Detailing

Whether new or used, cars can be an expensive investment, one that owners want to keep in excellent condition to retain their value. That means maintaining the regular service schedule for optimum function and routine washing or car detailing for interior and exterior care.

For many using professional detailing techniques is important for the best results. As a new car owner, you’ll need to become familiar with the tools and equipment used in the process. While some people use old bath towels or torn t-shirts, these don’t meet expert guidelines.

Whether you hope to boost the auto’s value or merely show pride in your investment, a few helpful hints from detailing professionals can improve the way you wash your car. Find car detailing secrets at Here you’ll find suggestions to incorporate into your routine car care.

  • Do you vacuum your interior

Vacuuming the interior isn’t always the best way to get all the dirt, debris, and particles. Sometimes you need something that will get into every nook and cranny but even the smallest vacuum tool won’t suffice. What will? Experts don’t use car vacuums to clean the interior of a vehicle.

They look for the best air compressor to get the cleanest result. That doesn’t mean you need to buy the most expensive equipment on the market.

Even a small unit with a blow gun will force pressurized air directly at each section, including seat grooves, door panels, door jams, across the dash, in the console, and anywhere else tricky to get to. The final outcome is clean unlike any you might have seen with any vacuum.

  • How do you remove stains from interior carpets and upholstery

Scrubbing with any solution on the market and water might dull the appearance of stains but often these don’t remove it entirely. What works when cleaning interior carpets and upholstery? The professionals use steam to remove the most stubborn staining.

You can use steam with varied fabrics or upholstery including quality leather products plus steam works to sanitize material.

While you might not have a steam cleaner as a new car owner in your tools and equipment kit, this should be one aspect you outsource to expert car detailers. Keeping the interior in pristine condition is worth the periodic investment of steam cleaning services. Go here for vehicle detailing suggestions.

  • Do you use one bucket when washing the car?

Professionals use a two-bucket technique when detailing cars. One of these will have a cleaning solution and the other will be strictly for rinsing. This way the dirt and debris will be restricted to only one bucket. It reduces the possibility of these particles staying in the sponge to scratch the paint.

You can make sure you won’t mix up the two buckets by appointing one color for soap and another for rinsing.

  • Do you use cut-up t-shirts or old bath towels with car washing

The towels and cloths used for cleaning a vehicle are distinct to protect the paint and offer the best result. Experts use microfiber material for cleaning cloths. These pick up the water and grime for the most effective wash. The thick “silk-bound” cloths will offer a scratch-free process when drying.

You’ll want to look for the “waffle-weave” cloths when cleaning the glass and the “chenille” towels for interior surfaces.

When washing these towels and cloths, it’s vital to do so in cool water to avoid deteriorating the microfibers. Hot water will melt these as does drying them on a high setting.

These clothes should also be washed as a separate load to avoid lint collection. These need to be well cared for so it’s easy to maintain the car.

Final Thought

For those new to car ownership, retaining the value will involve keeping up with the service schedule for optimum function and learning from auto detailing experts the proper techniques for cleaning a car. It will be easy then to take exceptional pride in your investment.

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