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BMW X5M Engine​ – Full information

BMW X5M Engine is a well-refined sports car and also is the best companion for a family vacation trip. The car is too luxurious to take for the school run and can also be taken to the off-road driving conditions occasionally. Also, the kids will go sick with its very powerful BMW X5M that provides ridiculous power to the car. The handling of the car is also very insane with many luxury features inside the car.

                The BMW X5M includes a 4.4liters twin-turbocharged eight-cylinder engine. Also, the BMW X5M engine is so powerful that it can generate a maximum power of 600hp with an rpm rate of 6,000. BMW X5M can also generate a torque-speed of 553lb per foot at an rpm rate of 1,800. The car is very capable and healthy for a daily driver to enjoy its ride. In the 2022 model, there are also some changes with the Bluetooth technology which is a part of the infotainment system. The wireless charging plate is also removed from the list of features. The car comes with some new features like new Dravit Grey Metallic paint with upholstery option and a fabulous Silverston Extended Merino leather. However, some options like the Icon adaptive LED Headlights come standard with the car and are not Various aspects are part of the Executive package. 

Table of content-

  • Specification of BMW X5M engine
  • Engine, performance, and transmission of BMW X5M engine
  • Real-world fuel economy of the BMW X5M engine
  • Conclusion

Specification of BMW X5M engine-   

BMW is a German car brand that is well known for its executive and luxury cars. The BMW X5M is not an exception and is a highly rated car in the market. Also, the car has a huge demand in the consumer market with a charming and aggressive look. The car also has a very powerful engine that can generate a power of 600Hp with an rpm rate of 6,000. The car has a turning radius of 42 feet. Also, the car is capable of achieving a torque-speed of 553lb per foot at an rpm rate of 1,800. So without any further wait let’s jump directly to the main specification of the BMW X5M engine.

Fuel type – Gas fuel

Drivetrain – All wheel drive

Transmission of the car – Eight-speed automatic transmission

No of the cylinder – eight-cylinder V8 engine

Fuel economy of the car – 15mpg

The maximum payload capacity of the engine – 1,080lbs

Engine type – direct injection

Size of the engine – 4.4liters

Turning radius of the car – 42ft

Cam-type – double overhead cam

Maximum power output – 600hp with an rpm rate of 6,000

Maximum torque-speed – 553lb per foot with an rpm rate of 1,800

Total No of valves – 32 Valves

Timing of Valves – Variable timing

The above part carries information regarding the specification of the BMW X5M engine. Also to note that the specification of the BMW X5M engine tells much about the car’s performance. These are also relevant to finding the reliability of the car and what to expect from this wonderful car. Also, we hope that this will help you in knowing much about the car.

Engine, performance, and transmission of BMW X5M engine-

This Giant and aggressive monster has a 4.4liters eight-cylinder V8 engine and also has two turbochargers. Which backs the car to generate a maximum power output of 600hp with an rpm rate of 6,000. Also, the engine is powerful enough to generate a maximum torque speed of 553lb per foot. 

The X5M also comes standard with an eight-speed automatic transmission and an all-wheel drive. Also, the driver can choose to have maximum traction control in the all-wheel-drive or to go for some added agility in the rear wheel of the car. The car has a tire size of a 21-inch wheel and also comes standard with adaptive dampers. Also, there is an option of much larger 22inch tires and gives more height to the car. However, the bigger 22-inch alloys come standard with a competitive package. 

Real-world fuel economy of the BMW X5M engine-

As the BMW X5M is a sports car. This also means that the engine will burn more fuel to generate such an enormous amount of power. Also, the official figure for the mileage of the BMW X5M engine in the city is around 13mpg and on the highway is 18mpg. The combined fuel economy rate of the car engine comes out to be 15mpg. The car uses premium unleaded fuel. Also, the car has a tank storage capacity of 21.9 gallons and can travel a distance of 284.7 to 394.2 miles with a full tank. 


The new 2022 BMW X5M can now generate 600 plus horsepower. Also, the chassis of the car is designed for track racing which may give some trouble in the parking lot. The car is also so refined that it can be used as an off-road companion and can sound to be the best family trip car. However, the X5M seems to be less aggressive than X6M. The above article carries detailed information about the BMW X5M engine. There are various aspects that the article relates to the BMW X5M engine. You can also refer to the following articles for further reading like BMW Z4 engine, BMW Z8 engine, BMW 545i engine, and BMW 330i engine.  

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