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GMC shares motors with other General Motors divisions. In any case, similar to their straight-6, GMC some time ago had its own line of V8 motors. If you are looking for used GMC engines, getcarsnow is the best option for you. cheap used engines always fit in your budget.

GMC’s own V8 was the 637 cu in (10.4 L) 60 degree motor dependent on the large square 478 cu in (7.8 L) V6 (with two chambers included). Bore was an enormous 5.125″ and stroke 3.86″ for 637 cid. Force was recorded as 275 HP @ 2800 rpm; force 600 lbs ft @ 1600 rpm. Creation began for 1966 and experienced 1972.

Used GMC Engines Models

Light duty trucks
T and F series19371938Similar to the Chevrolet G/S and F/T series
AC and AF series19391940AF series is cabover design
Medium duty trucks
Varies, first letter denotes production year:19391959Line sold to Navistar,
A=1939-1940, C=1941-1945, E=1946,  now marketed under the WorkHorse brand.
F=1947-1950, Z=1954, Y=1955, X=1956,   
T=1957, S=1958-1959, N=1960;   
Second letter denotes cab style:   
C=cab behind engine, F=cab over engine   
Heavy duty trucks
DLR/F/Crackerbox19591968Aluminium Tilt Cab

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