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About MG

MG was founded in 1920 by Cecil Kimber and M.G. A British car brand. The British sports car maker Car Company Limited made the label known. MG also manufactured saloons and coupés, with machines up to three litres in scale, which are best-known for its two-seater sports cars. The name now belongs to SAIC Motor Company Limited, a Chinese automotive giant. 

The source of MG automobiles was Morris Garages, an Oxford retail and repair centre belonging to William Morris, a sales marketing sideline from the 1920s. The manager of the firm, Cecil Kimber, changed Morris Oxfords’ regular production and added MG Super Sports to the plate on the car’s nose. An independent M.G. In July 1930 Car Company Limited was established. Morris’ own property remained until 1 July 1935 when it was sold by Morris Motors Limited, his holding firm.

Models Of MG Car

Used MG 3
Used MG 5
Used MG 6 & eMG 6
Used MG ZS & ZS EV
Used MG HS
Used MG GT
Used MG Hector
Used MG V80
Used MG Extender
Used MG E-Motion
Used MG X-Motion
Used MG Icon
Used MG CS
Used MG EV
Used MG3 Trophy

These are some models which are discontinued by the Company:

  • – MG TF
  • – MG3 SW
  • – MG 6
  • – MG GS

How To Check Used MG Engine Before Buying ?

  1. First, grab a flashlight and start inspecting for the leaks but instead of spending most of the time on the top of the engine let’s go underneath the car.
  2. The reason why we are looking underneath because leaks drip downwards.
  3. Look that transmission looks nice and dry.
  4. If we look back over by the oil pan that looks nice and dry.
  5. Even if there is a little bit oil on the catalytic converter, it’s nothing bad.
  6. Make sure coolant is filled to the proper level. 
  7. Check the brake, if it’s dry there is no problem but if there is any oil leakage there is a problem.
  8. Now, the time for steering reservoir, here you should check the fluid colour and it should not be the dark fluid.
  9. Check under the bonnet that it’s in black or discoloured. It means that engine overheats sometimes.
  10. Service reports are not always available; however, it helps whether the dealer or an individual selling the car can prove that the car is kept on a regular basis.
  11. If you see lots of black carbon deposits then it is because of lack of maintenance.

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