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About Tesla

Tesla, Inc. is a U.S. company which is based in Palo Alto, California (formerly Tesla Motors, Inc.). The latest products of Tesla are electric vehicles, home to grid storage of batteries, solar panels and solar roof tiles. 

The company’s name is a reference to an electrical engineer and inventor Nikola Tesla and was founded in July 2003 as “Tesla Motors.” Since 2008, Elon Musk, who early donated much of the finance, has been CEO. Tesla’s goal is actually to help expedite the transition from electric cars and solar power to sustainable transport and power, according to musk.

Tesla is now the largest installer of solar photovoltaic systems in the US, operating as one of the world’s largest suppliers of battery energy storage systems, from home to home. Some of the world’s biggest battery storage facilities and supplied 1.65 GWh has actually installed by Tesla in 2019.

Tesla has had several claims and scandals resulting from CEO Elon Musk’s comments and actions, claims of whistleblower intimidation, alleged abuses of the labour right and alleged technological issues with their goods that have become unsolved and risky. Tesla is also one of the smallest businesses ever.


Models Of Tesla Car

Tesla Model S
Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model X
Tesla Model Y
Tesla Roadster (second generation)
Tesla Semi
Tesla Cybertruck

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