Used Freightliner Transmissions

Hi… buyers, searching for the used Freightliner Transmission. Well, your search is complete here, you are in the right place. Freightliner is a well-known brand in the field of high-efficiency trucks. But it might be a tougher task to find a used transmission that also provides good efficiency. And we are here to make this confusion of yours clear. The brand is known for its high efficiency and small-sized trucks. The transmission system is the composition of the most important parts of your vehicle. So it’s quite meaningful to have a little idea about the used transmission system. Well, the transmission system is composed of some of the things that are listed below:

The gearbox
Propeller shaft
Universal joints

So if you are planning to buy a remanufactured Freightliner transmission, there might be tons of questions in your head. What are the things to be kept in mind before buying a used transmission or what specifications should one go for. Well, don’t worry. Leave all your doubts here as we are here to get you over these queries.

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Why go for a used transmission

Some people might be thinking about why one will go for the used transmission. Well, the first and very simple cause is the financial budget. It can be an issue but it’s not the only reason why people go for a used transmission. It’s just one of those reasons. The second and most important reason is it provides a better combustion rate that finally leads to the speed of your vehicle. Also, the used transmission is technically the remanufactured transmissions as the new updates and new parts are added. That enhances the overall productivity of your vehicle. So if you had any hesitation about going for a used transmission, I think it’s clear now. Also one can assemble the parts according to one’s need.

Freightliner Transmission Models

We have a well stock of almost all the models of Freightliner transmissions. So stock and models are never gonna be an issue. 

Detroit DT12

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