Used Transmissions

Transmission is one of the important & essential parts of your car. But, due to the continuous uses of vehicles, the transmission performance may be decreased or you get various problems in car transmission. So if you are facing the same problem with the transmission or its parts, it’s time to replace car transmission with the new or used transmissions.

We, Getcarsnow is the trusted partner & wholesale supplier of all brands, makes & models car transmission for sale. The quality of transmission for the car is check & test in all parameters before installation. In short, we deal only in high-quality used transmission with warranty. Our company is the largest supplier of all brands used transmission for sale in the USA. Also, they are packaged for the nationwide service of used transmission. As a supplier of automotive parts & car engines, we know the importance of truly genuine parts for your car included transmission, engine, electrical, interior & external parts.


What is the transmissions for car?

Before choosing used transmissions for car you need to know what is used transmission & how its works including the functionality & warranty.

Car automatic or manual transmission tightly mounted with the car engines & converts the static energy in the form of kinetic energy. This creates the moment in your vehicles. For smooth & efficient driving gearbox plays an important role. Changing gear during car driving also indicates the RPM so you can easily maintain the car speed by watching RPM & decrease the fuel consumption rate. The main task of transmission is to convert both speed & momentum into the form of power & thus the car moved.

The working process of transmission mainly depends on which type of transmission you are using such as manual transmission, automatic transmission, or any other. All the types of car transmission manage & enable the gear ratio to adjust the speed of the car like speed up or slow down.

When you stopped the car engines, the transmission is also disconnected from the engines. They are also responsible for the quick acceleration or to run more slowly a car when the vehicle is running at a constant speed.

Purchasing the used transmissions from Getcarsnow is always a beneficial decision due to our quality services & quick response time. Also, the offering cost of used transmission is very low & easy to buy.

Used transmissions for sale

Getcarsnow takes pride to conduct the best in the quality inspection process to ensure that every transmission follows the standard before deliver at the client location. The team of professionals follows all the norms during the inspection of used car transmission. Also, they remove all the transmission filters & pan to conduct a proper visual inspection.

With our promising services of transmission for cars, Getcarsnow provides transmission for all brands vehicles Such as Toyota transmission, Nissan transmission, BMW transmission, etc.

We are also deal in all types of makes & models of transmission for a car. Here you will get automatic car transmission, manual transmission & other types of transmission at an affordable cost. Get an inquiry on all available types of transmission for cars.

Types of car transmissions

Automatic transmission

Car with automatic transmission is more common in the road today. This transmission uses a highly complex torque converter & transit the rotational energy of engines. When we shift the gear control, the vehicle is controlled with the preprogramming system software & adjusts the speed according to the needs. This will be accomplished with the gear set, clutch, and brakes. But behind the scene the operation of an automatic transmission is difficult. There is a P-R-N-D-L selector available in this transmission to control the vehicles.

Manual Transmission

Manual transmission cars are the simplest & oldest type of vehicles that operated manually. The manual gearbox uses friction clutch which modulated by car driver feet & connects rotational energy of engines into the transmission shaft. Also, when we compare the standard of performance, the manual transmission is really more than other types of car transmission for sale. The better fuel economy, performance, and the low cost of manual transmission make them better for every vehicle.

CVT transmission

The CVT transmission & automatic transmission provides the same driving experience but the operating mechanism is completely different. Also, the CVT transmission doesn’t follow the gear shifting pattern to move your car. CVT transmission only uses the pulleys & belts to produce the movement. The preprogrammed operating features decide the adjustment of pulleys for optimal ratio for all driving situations. They are not more complicated than automatic transmission & also give better performance with low fuel consumption rate.

Dual-clutch or semi-automatic transmission

Semi-automatic transmission is a type of transmission which is a mid-version of manual transmission & automatic transmission. This dual-clutch transmission uses actuators & pneumatics for the gear shifting. In the DCT transmission, there is a separate clutch for odd & even gears, which allows the fast gear shifting feature. The gearbox of this transmission is generally operated in a fully automatic mode or you can manually shift the gear with the help of paddles located in the steering wheels. The high maintenance cost of this transmission is one major drawback.

Things to know before buying a used transmission

Buying a used transmission is always beneficial for old cars or low-budget owners. But selecting this old transmission for the car is not an easy task if you are not much familiar with this. There are a few major components & features present with all types of car transmission which you need to know before buying.

Here get a list of a few beneficial tips which help you to get the best deal on used transmission.

Always choose the authorized dealer

This is very important to buy a used transmission only from a reputed & authorized dealer of old transmission for the car. Because when you buy a transmission from a genuine & authorized seller, they will give you a complete product warranty with proper inspection. Getcarsnow service of used or old transmission is available with all these features.

Product testing & uses

Any used product buying condition is mainly dependent on how the products are previously used. The same thing we need to consider at the time of buying any used or second-hand transmission for sale. So always check the condition & uses of the transmission before buying it.



Product warranty is one of the main key features when you buy any used or second-hand product. Because they are already used by the previous owner and the condition is not similar to the new. So always buy used transmission for the car with maximum warranty. Getcarsnow offering a maximum warranty with there all second-hand car parts for sale.

Cost of used transmission

Used transmission price basically depends on the model & type of the transmission. But prices are more competitive when you go to buy them. Our company offering competitive price & low cost of used transmission for sale in the USA.

Reason to buy used transmission for vehicles

When the car transmission fails down, we have basically two options either buying a new transmission or go with the used transmission for sale. Buying a used transmission is always a great decision if your budget is low or you are not interested to buy the new one. There are a few other most beneficial features with this car transmission such as,


Flexibility with the used transmission is a key feature of these products. This feature gives the wide opportunity of choosing old transmission for the car according to the requirements. Transmission is available in all types such as manual or automatic transmission.

Low Cost

We know used products price is always less than buying a new one. Same benefits you get when you buy a used transmission. The price of used transmission is always less & more cheap as compared to buying a new transmission.

Our Services

If you are looking for a used transmission go with the car care services of Getcarsnow. Our company is the best service provider of car parts including interior, exterior, and electrical parts. We are also providing the best quality used engines for sale in all available brands. Our services of used transmission for sale in the USA is a trademark which makes us the most trusted name in the field of all brands transmission or gearbox for sale in various categories. Here you will get the best deal on automatic, semi-automatic, CVT, and manual transmission for sale. Apart from that some of the other beneficial features of our car transmission services are,


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