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SAAB Engines

A SAAB automobile is a Swedish manufacturer which was founded in 1945. SAAB AB (1945-1968) was the first parent company of SAAB which is Swedish aerospace and defence company. SAAB came into existence with the motive of producing military aircrafts. Later on, they started producing automotive vehicles and their first model SAAB 92 was launched in 1949. The Parent company of SAAB has been changed over time. After SAAB AB, SAAB- Scania (1968–1990) took the ownership of SAAB and then General Motors (1990–2010), after that Spyker N.V. (2010–2012) and in 2010, SAAB went into financial crisis. In the end, the battle to restore SAAB as an automobile manufacturer was over when National Electric Vehicle Sweden (2012–2014) acquired SAAB as they protected it from Bankruptcy. But in 2016, they announced they will not use the SAAB trademark in future and at last they stopped further production.

Some Innovations in terms of engines by SAAB automobiles…

  1. SAAB was the first manufacturer that produced its turbo engine to control boost with a wastegate.
  2. SAAB was first to introduce the direct ignition engines (engines that have mechanically timed ignition) in the market.
  3. SAAB develops its innovative “Trionic engine management system” which consists of engine control unit (ECU) equipped with a 32-bit microprocessor to control ignition timing, fuel injection and acts as a boost controller. Later on Trionic was upgraded to Trionic T5.5 with Motorola as its microprocessor.
  4. SAAB also introduces its 16-valve turbocharged engine.

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