Used GMC Transmissions


Want to change your old GMC car’s transmission with a new? What about if we suggest you to buy used GMC Transmissions instead of purchasing a new one. Used Transmissions are cheap and work in the same way and have almost the same life as new transmissions. Because we at are not selling simply used transmissions but they are totally remanufactured or rebuilt transmissions. So if you are planning to buy a used GMC transmission for your vehicle then we are here to offer you a heavy discount on your order. deals with all auto parts you ever required such as used transmission under $500 and your car’s interiors and also exterior parts etc. Contact us today to book your order.

General  Motor Truck Company (GMC) is officially a part of the America Biggest Automobile Manufacturer General Motor (GM). GM was formally launched with its trucks and Utility vehicles. Now they have gone up and put their steps and now they are manufacturing Sports Utility Vehicle (SUVs), Pickup Trucks, Vans, Light duty trucks. They were also manufacturing utility trucks like Fire Trucks, Ambulances, Heavy Duty Trucks, Military Vehicles, Motorhomes, Transit buses, And Medium-duty trucks.

The market for remanufactured automatic and manual transmissions is developing very fast as bullet speed, and various garbage yards are there in the market with their appealing contributions. The rebuilt transmissions market has now entered the web, and you’ll discover various sites devoted to utilized transmissions as it were. In any case, while buying a well-working utilized transmission through any of these online merchants dealers, simply be curious, and cautiously experience the connected inventory of the transmissions. Post for urgent, including, transmission make, guarantee, transporting strategies and costs, or more all, the sticker price. So be always aware of these frauds.

We are the company that deals with a tremendous amount of genuine used GMC transmissions Daily. Our network of business it’s now achieving the sky height. We deal with all types of used  GMC Transmissions. Don’t worry if you are confused or unable to find the right choice for transmissions. We are always there for your assistance. We are always trying our level best to provide the best service to all our customers. Below we have listed all the GMC transmission Available for your assistance.

Lists Of Used GMC Transmissions

GMC Transmission comes in two different categories.

Automatic Transmissions
Manual Transmissions
Automatic TransmissionManual Transmission
1940–1967 Hydra-Matic  Oldsmobile Aisin AR5/MA5 — 5-speed longitudinal manual 
1948–1963 Dynaflow  BuickAisin AY6 — 6-speed longitudinal
1950–1973 Powerglide Getrag 260 — 5-speed longitudinal
1968-1971 TorquedriveMuncie M20 — 4-speed longitudinal wide ratio
1957–1961 TurboglideMuncie M21 — 4-speed longitudinal close ratio
1958–1959 FlightpitchMuncie M22 — 4-speed longitudinal close ratio
1961–1963 Dual-Path Turbine DriveSaginaw M26/27 transmission 
1961–1964 Roto Hydramatic Muncie M62/M64
1964–1969 Super Turbine 300Muncie SM420 
1968–1969 TorquedriveNew Process Gear NP435
1956-1964 4 speed Controlled coupling Hydra-MaticNew Process Gear A833 RPO MY6 or MM7
1971–1994 3L80HD Muncie SM465
Super Turbine 400/TH400/3L80New Venture Gear NV1500
TH350/TH350C/TH375B/TH250/TH250CNew Venture Gear 3500/4500 
TH375 — Light duty version of TH400Borg-Warner T-10 transmission
TH200/TH200CTremec T-5
TH200-4RBorg-Warner T-50 transmission 
TH700R4/4L60Tremec T-56
TH180/TH180C/3L30Tremec TR-6060
TH125/TH125C/3T40 — 3-speed light-dutyZF S6-650
TH440-T4/4T60 — 4-speed medium-dutyTremec TR-6070
TH425 — 3-speedF23 — 5-speed transverse
TH325 — 3-speedF35 — 5-speed transverse
TH325-4L — 4-speedF40 — 6-speed transverse
4L30-E — 4-speed light-dutyGetrag 282 — 5-speed transverse
4L60-E/4L65-E — 4-speed medium-dutyGetrag 284 — 5-speed transverse
4L80-E/4L85-E — 4-speed heavy-dutyMP2/MP3 — 5-speed
4T40-E/4T45-E — 4-speed light-duty
4T60-E/4T65-E/4T65E-HD — 4-speed medium-duty
4T80-E — 4-speed heavy-duty
5L40-E/5L50 — 5-speed medium-duty
6L45/6L50 — 6-speed medium-duty
6L80/6L90 — 6-speed heavy-duty
8L90 — 8-speed heavy-duty
8L45 — 8-speed light-duty
10L80 – Ford-GM 10-speed automatic transmission
10L90 – Ford-GM 10-speed automatic transmission
6T30/6T40/6T45 — 6-speed light-duty
6T70/6T75 — 6-speed medium-duty
9T50/9T65 Hydra-Matic – 9-speed
2ML70 – 2-Mode Hybrid
4ET50 (MKA) – Electric Drive Unit 
5ET50 (MKV)
5ET50 (MKE)
4EL70 (MRD)
Aisin AF33 — 5-speed transverse automatic
Allison 1000 Series — 6-speed longitudinal automatic
Saturn MP6/MP7 — 4-speed automatic
VTi transmission — continuously variable transmission
Tremec M1L transmission — 8-speed Dual-Clutch
GM CVT250 — continuously variable transmission

Specification of our Used GMC transmissions


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