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Used pontiac engines

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The Pontiac V8 motor is a group of overhead valve V8 motors made by the Pontiac Division of General Motors Corporation that made its presentation in 1955. Pontiac started as a “friend” to the Oakland division of the General Motors line of vehicles in 1926. Pontiac effectively went up against more-costly inline four-chamber models with their inline flathead six-chamber motors. Subsequent to surpassing Oakland, Pontiac turned into the sole overcomer of the two by 1932.

Models of Used Pontiac Engines

1. Small journal engines(1955-1981)


The V8 motor was presented for the 1955 model year as the "Strato Streak". Not well before the model year presentation, Pontiac the board concluded that the whole line would be V8-controlled.


For 1956 the V8 was exhausted out to 3.9375 in (100.01 mm), expanding dislodging to 316.6 cu in (5.2 L).


In 1969, Pontiac divulged its Trans Am model Firebird, and since dashing principles required motors of under 5 L (305.1 cu in), Pontiac revealed the 303 for hustling models in particular, never accessible to general society.

2. Large journal engines(1961-1976)


Presented in 1961 as a vendor introduced Super Duty alternative with double four-barrel carburetors, the 421 had a drag and stroke of 4 3⁄32 in × 4 in (104.0 mm × 101.6 mm), for a dislodging of 421.19 cu in (6.9 L).


For 1970 through 1976, the 428 bore was extended 0.03 in (0.76 mm) to 4.1525 in (105.47 mm), joined with a 4.21-inch (106.9 mm) stroke, yielding 456.12 cu in (7,474 cc).

Slam Air

While not authoritatively called the Ram Air I when it was issued,[citation needed] it was the first in a progression of Ram Air V8 motors from Pontiac. This motor was introduced in the 1967 GTO/Firebird as the first in class choice and at 360 hp (268 kW) (underrated),[citation needed] it was the most progressive 400 in the line.

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