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About Shelby

Shelby American, Inc. was founded by former driver Carroll Shelby, an American high-performance automotive manufacturer. Since the initial shop in Venice, California started operations in 1962, Shelby’s name was drawn from many legally distinct businesses founded by Shelby. The new incarnation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc., a holding firm established in 2003. The remaining wholly-owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International is Carroll Shelby Licensing, which licenses Shelby’s names and trademarks to other firms, including Shelby American. Shelby manufactures vehicle parts, as well as AC Cobras, Shelby GT350 and the Super Snake GT500 replicas. Shelby US has been launching new models every year since 2005.


We have many kinds of used Shelby Engines in our stores, few are mention below

Used CSX1000-series
Used CSX4000-series
Used CSX5000-series
Used CSX6000-series
Used CSX7000-series
Used CSX8000-series
Used CSX9000-series

Things To Check Before Buying Used Shelby Engines

Check the Mileage

The gap on the motor affects its life expectancy. Motors with more miles normally cost less but do not last long. Your ideal engine should be 15,000 miles yearly. You can work this out with just a little arithmetic by breaking the number of miles per engine in years by its age.

Used Engines Are Tested

The engine still runs well often when a car is totalized from a crash. However, not ever. Especially if the vehicle was destroyed at the front or if the hood was shot. You can think about the engine’s condition in two ways. You should buy and mount the engine and see if it works. Or you might buy a proven engine. Of instance, the second approach is simpler.

Two key research techniques are available. The first one is a moving test. A qualified mechanic can do it and checks the engine on a stand or even connected to the car can start the engine. 

A compression test is the second process. This is used if the car doesn’t start anymore and you can say a lot about the engine state. Ask about checking, particularly if you buy one without a promise before you buy an engine.

Warranty Of The Engine

Without a warranty, you don’t want to buy a used engine. See how long the warranty lasts and search it around. Check to see if there are any warranty requirements. Then check that you have written this material. If your receipt is at the bottom, hold on your receipt! 

This way you can return the engine if you get the engine mounted and something goes wrong. You don’t even want an engine that doesn’t work to be left with.

What’s the Reputation Of The Company?

Many scams are taking place at the junkyard. Take a few minutes to check up online before you order something from a rescue yard. See for things such as certifications, honours and ratings. 

You want to make sure that you have a reliable business and not a few guys that sell car parts out of their shed. Using common sense to search for red flags. It is undoubtedly accurate the price or meaning seems too good to be true.

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