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Used car buying guide: TVR Tuscan

The TVR Tuscan is a unique car in the sports car segment. However, all the Tuscans also require regular maintenance of the car. Also, you must not neglect its servicing otherwise it can even damage the car. That does not mean Tuscan is not a wonderful car because it is the Tuscan (‘99-’06) model that remains the company’s one of the best lineup cars. It also comes with a removable and durable top with a large boot capacity and a seating space for two people. Also finding a car with an engine rebuild by a specialist is good advice. Like the cars, the six-speed motor has many engine problems associated with it. As the TVR like before has mostly left the car’s modifications to the test engineers. The result of which is the difficulty to buy a TVR in its original state. 

Most of the TVR that is running on the road have refurbished or designed engines. They also have their refurbished brakes or suspension and rebuilt engines. Many times there is the repaint on the Tuscan body. However, the modification does not mean you would not enjoy the car. After modification, the car turns out to be more refined and reliable so that you can enjoy the quality, sound, and performance.

Table of Content-

  • Guidance for buying a TVR Tuscan
  • Tuscan maintenance cost
  • Things you should notice before buying Tuscan
  • Conclusion

Guidance for buying a TVR Tuscan- 

The best thing that people think of while buying a car is later the better. However, you should not get emotional towards the engine, model, and color. Rather you can focus more on the car’s condition and its maintenance record. Everything is correct with your car and also can you repair your car or not. The most favored models in this lineup are the Tuscan S and convertible. Most of the buyable options in Tuscan are around 30,000 euros. You can get a reasonable and nice model in the price range between 40,000 and 50,000 euros. 

Tuscan maintenance cost-

In case your engine goes down and needs to be rebuilt. Then you will need a car mechanic to repair the engine and make it new. That repair can cost you anywhere about 6,000 euros. However, there is also a three-year warranty on the rebuilt part and you will get your money back after your car value will increase.

Things you should notice before buying Tuscan-


You can simply start the car and run it to find some unpleasant noises or any engine misfire. Also, you can avoid the cars that have some problem in the engine with the coolant or oil leaks. Repairing these parts can turn out to be unfeasible. Also, check the maintenance record of the car very properly. You should also check for the components near your engine block. Something like the temperature of the bonnet, electrical appliances in the bonnet, and also its rubber hoses. Do not trust the seller too much, rather have an appointment with a car specialist.


Have a look at your chassis and look if they have any rusting in them. As in used cars, chassis are the ones that rust very frequently. Also, there is a high probability that rusting has almost destroyed your chassis. Also, the protective layer or wax layer melts down because of the engine heat.

Brakes, wheel, steering, and suspension-    

As most of the Tuscans on road have gone through repairing, and this also implies with its suspension. Hence you should look at the quality and working of the suspension system. The genuine Tuscans are not having that delegated balancing but you can upgrade the Tuscans for maximum performance. Also, the braking system of the car would have gone through an upgrade hence check the quality and working of the brakes.  


 If the gearbox of your car is in a good state then it will work with precision and can also have some hard gearing. If that’s not the case then you have to repair your gearbox. However, gears remain healthy even after 30,000 miles.


Check for the electrical technology in your dashboards like the headlights and LCD display. Your door lock and automatic window adjuster may have some real trouble. Also, check the level of damage in your roof seals and if your air conditioner is taking the proper output from you.    


The shut line in your cars is in a proper state and also check your bumpers. Also, remove the removable perspex panel to check for the damages. Then have a look at the clips as the original doesn’t sound to be that efficient.  


The TVR Tuscan came into the market under the ownership of peter wheelers in 1998. It went on sale in 2000 after it was re-modified by Nikolai. Also, it moved away from the inline stream in 2006. The six-speed inline engine was able to generate a power of 360 horsepower. It can reach a speed of 62mph from zero in just about 4.2 seconds. The car can reach a maximum speed of 180mph. It is also available with another MK1 Tuscan engine that is 3.6-liter and can generate a power of 350 horsepower. After 2003 the engine power was upgraded to 400horsepower. The models were able to gain a speed of 60mph from zero in just about 3.8 seconds. The vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 190mph with a new modified engine.

Most of the Tuscan 3 models came into the market with a new dashboard design. They are also known as the ‘wavy dash’ model. Tuscan convertibles have the same new dashboard as in the previous generation model. This model was having the same Targa roof design as the previous generation model with a removable roof. All the Tuscans in the market are really a practical option with a large boot space and a nice cabin. Also, the maintenance cost of the Tuscan is the same as the other cars of that time. Hence you should be ready to spend 2000 euros to keep your car in a healthy state. 

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