Used International Harvester Engines

Welcome to our page, if you are looking for Used International Harvester Engines in the best quality, then you are at right place to complete your search. We will here to make it easy for you to choose the right quality used engines for your vehicle. We have professional Expert team to solve your all query related to Used International Harvester engines.

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International Harvester Engines
International Harvester Car Engines

We always try to provide Used Engines to our customer at very good price under their budget. Also, our products are pre-inspected by our experienced quality checker, so there will be no issue in Used International Harvester Engines in future. We provide 1-year warranty with all engines.

 We have a large list of Used International Harvester Engines with different sizes that available in our stock, so you can buy any of them which is suitable for your vehicle.

Engine models Of International Harvester

There are 4 series for International Harvester Engines with diffrent engines models listed below:

  1. International Harvester Gasoline Engines
  2. International Harvester/Navistar engines
  3. Navistar DT engines
  4. MaxxForce engines

International Harvester Gasoline Engines

Engine Family

Comanche 4

Cylinder Layout




  • 4-152 (152 cu in (2.5 litres))
  • 4-196 (196 cu in (3.2 litres))

Years Produced


Green Diamond


  • HD/GD 175 (174.9 cu in (2.9 L)
  • HD-3/GD 214 (3.5 litres; 213.3 cubic inches (3,495 cc)
  • HD-2/GD 233 (233.9 cu in (3.8 litres)


Blue Diamond


  • FAC 241 (241.5 cu in (4.0 litres)
  • BLD 250 (250.56 cu in (4.1 L)
  • FAC260 (259.7 cu in (4.3 litres)
  • BLD269 (269.1 cu in (4.4 litres)


  • Silver Diamond
  • Black Diamond/BD
  • BG


  • SD-220 (220.5 cu in (3.6 litres)
  • SD-240/BG-241 (240.3 cu in (3.9 litres)
  • BD-264/BG-265 (264.33 cu in (4.3 L)


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Used International Harvester Engines

Here we have provided the used international harvester engine for you if you also want to buy an international harvester used engine. We provide the awarding choice of your convenience and at the same time provide the engine for you by keeping your budget in mind. For your information, tell us that we are a certified and trusted engine supplier. Whenever you go to get a used engine, you have a lot of queries in your mind related to this. So if you have any queries in your mind then you can talk to our customer support team, it is a certified Advisor who has all the answers related to your question and also has the ability to solve all your queries.

And if you have any problem, how will your pitched engine be, will it work properly or not, then tell you. We have a certified and experienced technician who checks all the engines beforehand and if there is any problem then we would repair them. Also, we provide you with a Guarantee and Warranty with your used engine that if there is any issue, we can help you in that too or also