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‘Merkur’ a German pronunciation of mercury is an automobile brand that was marketed by Lincoln-Mercury with parent company as Ford Motor Company which is an American multinational automobile maker company. It is known for its luxury cars and high-reliable performance. Merkur is a 35 years old luxury car famous for its uniquely tunable turbocharged four-cylinder engine (1985-1989). These Merkur cars were uncommonly outstanding in their performance and one of the short- lived automobile brands, defunct in 1989. But its engine is unbeatable till date and it can beat any other luxury cars engine in performance. If we talk about the Used Merkur Engines models then it has only 2 models one is the Merkur XR4Ti and other one is Scorpio.

Merkur XR4Ti is a product of Ford Motor Company with a high performance 3-door hatchback. The power comes from the advanced technology of turbocharged four cylinder engine which is irresistible and multi-port fuel injection. This engine technology is recently used in Ford Mustang SVO and in Ford Thunderbird. Another model of Merkur is Merkur Scorpio, a midsize luxury car which was targeted for the Executive Sedan look.

Used Merkur Engines Models

It also takes a sophisticated approach to performance with a second generation cologne V6 engine inside it. Later, Ford used this engine in many of its models such as Ford Scorpio, Ford Sierra XR4x4 and XR4i and many others.

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Find our car’s model from below list:

1985 Merkur XR4TI
1986 Merkur XR4TI
1987 Merkur XR4TI
1988 Merkur XR4TI
1989 Merkur XR4TI
1988 Merkur SCORPIO
1989 Merkur SCORPIO

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