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Used Car Buying Guide: Reliant Scimitar GTE Cars

Reliant Scimitar is a brand name for different sports car models from Reliant from 1964 to 1986. During its 22-year production period, it developed from a coupe (GT) to a family sports car (GTE). A really overlooked British classic that goes fast enough, has good value and is completely easy to maintain. With the versatility of the hatchback design, the GTE should be a good family touring car. Used cars are quite popular nowadays. So is a used Reliant Scimitar GTE car, better alternative? Read on for all the details.

Specifications of Reliant Scimitar GTE

The Reliant Scimitar GTE has a base 2015 BMW 320i has a 99 kW engine with 6 cylinders. Also, it has a rear-wheel, 3-speed automatic transmission. It is a good choice as a used car due to its good overall performance. Knowing about the specifications of this car will help you in making a good choice. You can also do your own research when you are looking for different options. It’s a good practice to have a mechanic do a thorough check of the car before finalizing the deal. The following specifications take care of performance and efficiency without any problems:

Brand Name – Reliant

Model Name – Scimitar

Version – GTE version

Engine Power – 99 kW 

Cylinders – 6 cylinders of V configuration

Total Volume – 2792 cm3

Fuel system  – Twelve valves

Total Torque – 216 Nm 

Transmission – Rear Wheel Drive with three-speed automatic

Weight – 1320 kg

Tires – 155 / 80 / 14

Weight/Power ratio 13.33 kg/kW 

So these are the specifications of the Reliant Scimitar car. Next, let’s discuss some important tips that will guide you on getting the best-used car of the same brand. 

Buyers Guide for Reliant Scimitar GTE

The first SE5 is almost fifty years old so expect some signs of aging. The body is quite forgiving as it doesn’t rot like metal. Be careful as the GTE has metal reinforcement in the body and this will rot and cause cracks can and columns. Any problem is fixable, it just costs time and money. If the car does not get regular service, the chassis will eventually rot. Also, pillars on which the roll bar mounts on the chassis can also rust. Also, the rear chassis can rust, so check the fuel tank. 

The front and rear suspension must get regular lubrication. The Essex V6 is a powerful engine that requires an overhaul at about 150,000 miles. This can be done with an oil pressure of about 50 pounds psi but never more than 75 pounds psi. The car should idle at 10 pounds psi for wear, rattles, and skidding check. When it comes to electrical components, modern replacement parts are much better than the original factory specifications. Check windows for water leaks and carpets, interior trim can break if exposed to excessive sunlight.

Buying Tips

Corrosion to the chassis can be a problem on the Reliant Scimitar, especially on pre-1981 models. The outer rails go right behind the rocker panels, as do the anti-roll bars just behind the front wheels. There are other steel reinforcements as well, so be sure to check the overall integrity of the car. 

Fiberglass car bodies can be a challenge, so look for cheap cleaning products that can hide flaking and other problems underneath. Mechanically, fiber timing gears are a known weak point on the Essex V6, but steel replacements are available. 

The cooling has never been brilliant, so keep a close eye on the temperature gauge and look out for head gasket issues. Be prepared to haggle over the price to cover the cost of replacing a clogged radiator and possibly installing a more rugged electric fan. Reliable scimitar blades converted to LPG are just as worthwhile as specimens with a type 9 five-speed gearbox.

Price Range of Reliant Scimitar GTE

The price range of the Reliant Scimitar GTE car is given below for reference purposes. You can get a fair idea about how much it will cost to get a used car. This is an approximate price and the price can vary from place to place. Also, it is better to check with your local dealership about any offer. You also refer online for a rough estimate of the prices for different models.

Reliant Scimitar – from $2500 for condition 3 to $12,000 for condition 1

Reliant Scimitar GTE: On the road Show / Rebuilt GTC

Late / Upgraded GTE $12,000 

Average GTE $3,500 

Restoration GTE $1000

A still better price range idea is given below for reference:

$700 – $2500: Unfinished project cars and neglected technical inspection errors

$2500  – $6000: Handy scimitar car that requires a little attention. 

$8000 and more – examples of Concours and racing cars, including some 2.9 liter Cosworth conversions.

Knowing about these price ranges will help you in better preparation while getting a used car. As already mentioned the price can change based on different factors like location, model of car, and condition. So it’s a good idea to do your own homework before making a deal.


In conclusion, we have discussed here the specifications of the Reliant Scimitar GTE car. Moreover, we shared some tips and guides about buying a used car. You can do your own research to make sure the car model you are looking to buy has good reviews. Make sure that it is reliable too. In addition, you should also have the car checked out by a trusted mechanic. With significant savings coupled with the peace of mind of full certification and a full warranty, you can now enjoy all of the key benefits of a used car that you expect when you buy a new car for yourself. Buying a used car is more practical and cheaper, especially for first-time buyers. If you don’t really want the latest car on the market, a used car can very well suit almost all types of buyers. 

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