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Buy Used Ford Transmission at a very low cost on with a minimum of 2 years of warranty. We are a network of certified suppliers of all auto parts and known for our best quality services around the world. As we deal with not only Used transmissions but also Used engines and all other auto parts you may require for your cars or trucks. So contact our professionals by dialing our helpline number and get booked your order. You can also send us your queries by filling our contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible. Check the list of Ford Transmissions in the given list below but first, let take a brief introduction about Ford motors.

About Ford

Ford is an American based automobile company also known as Ford Motor Company. Henry Ford, the founder of the company established the brand in 1903. Well, there’s an interesting story related to Ford and the Indian industrialist Ratan Tata. It was in late 1999 when the tata groups were struggling with their passenger cars. The ford company officially showed their interest after they visite d India. But the Tata got humiliated in the meeting by the ford chairman. Ford’s chairman said to the Tata group that “they don’t know how to do business, why they will sell passenger cars”. The Tata group with these humiliations came back to India. And after nine years, the time got changed as Ford was on the verge of bankruptcy. And at the end, Tata took over Ford’s iconic Jaguar Land-Rover brands for $2.3 billion. 


Well, this was a short sweet revenge story. Ford is well known for its luxurious cars. The Ford Mustang is pretty much popular among car lovers. Apart from the luxury cars they also produce the SUVs and from the past few years, it started selling passenger cars as well. Its budget passenger cars are pretty much demanding in the south Asian companies. The Ford luxury cars are relatively cheaper than other luxury cars. And that is also a big reason why the car has a decent demand over the world.

But wait for a second, we are not here to deal with the ford cars. We are here at this time going to deal with the used Ford transmission. We will be sharing here the benefits of the used transmission and if you should go for it or not. So without any further delay let’s jump over the models of the for transmissions.

Used Ford Transmissions Models

Below here are some of the models of the Ford transmission:

AutomaticDual Clutch Automatic Manual
Ford-O-MaticFord FocusFord/Mercury HED 
C5Ford S-MaxMT75
C3Ford C-MaxIB5
C6Ford FiestaBC5
FMX—A hybridFord GalaxyBC or BC4
C4Ford KugaFord Sierra
Cruise-O-MaticFord MondeoFord Transit
MX/FXShelby GT500Ford Scorpio
A4LD—C37DCL750 Getrag Ford Escort Cosworth
Mustang V6t 6DCT450 Ford PowershiftFord Granada
Ford FalconTremec TR-9070 – 7-speedMTX-III
controlled A4LDFord FiestaFord Sierra
4R55E—Electronically 6DCT250 Ford PowershiftFord Capri
controlled A4LD MTX-75
4R44E—Electronically MTX-IV
4R100  Getrag MT-285 
Ford E-Series Van TK 5
Ford Crown Victoria TK 4
Ford Panther platform M5OD-R2
Ford Expedition M5OD-R1HD
F150 M5OD-R1
AOD-E—Electronic AOD Getrag MT-82
Lincoln Town Car Merkur XR4Ti
Mercury Grand Marquis Borg-Warner T-18/T-19
Ford Crown Victoria Tremec or Borg-Warner
Ford F-Series Clark / Tremec 
Ford Mustang New Process 435 
4R75E & 4R75W Tremec T-170/T-175/T176/T1
Ford E-Series Tremec TR-6060
Ford Expedition Tremec TR-3650
Mercury Grand Marquis Tremec T-56
Ford Taurus Tremec T-45 transmission
AXOD family—Van Dyke  
Ford Mustang  
Mercury Marauder  
Lincoln Town Car  
Ford Probe  
FLC—3-speed hydraulic  
F-4EAT—4-speed electronic  
CD4E—4-speed transaxle  
Ford Transit Connect  
4-speed F-4EAT  
Ford Escort  
8F35 8-speed  
8F57 8-speed   
8F24 8-speed  
Ford Taurus  
Ford S-MAX  
Ford Focus  
Ford Escape  
Ford Edge  
HF35 Hybrid  
Ford C-Max  
Ford Focus  
Ford EcoSport  
10R80 Ford-GM 10-speed  
Ford Fusion HEV  
Ford F-150  
Ford Escape  
Ford Territory  
6R80 6-speed  
Ford Explorer  
6R60 6-speed  
Ford Fusion  
Ford FNR5  
Aisin AWF-21 6-speed  
6R60 ZF 6-speed  
Land Rover LR2  
Ford Fusion AWD  
Lincoln MKZ  

Why Should buy Used Transmissions from us?

So we mentioned almost all the transmission for the Ford brands. We have quite good stocks don’t bother about the stocks. There might be a question coming to your head that why buy from us only? Well, yes there are several providers of this used transmission, but the product we provide to you is 100 percent genuine. We guarantee the reliability and productivity of the products. We here at are known for your efficient and reliable used Ford transmissions. So we guarantee you will be satisfied with the products you buy from us.


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Buying Used Ford Transmissions not only costs you low but also gives you the option of customization. Now with the used transmission, you can install the parts that you desire. Also, the used transmission comes with the upgraded parts that more or less enhances your overall experience.

So as above we quoted some of the benefits of buying from us just feel free to visit us. We promise you will never regret your decision. Visit our website or call us to book your used Ford transmission today only.

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