Toyota Prius Key Replacement Cost

Toyota Prius Key Replacement Cost – A Complete Guide

One of the most unfortunate and frustrating situations for car drivers is misplacing the key of the car. You might have faced the same issue sometime for sure. Losing your car key will just add an extra expense to your pocket. But you can save some money if you know where to replace your car key and which type of key you should prefer. Here, we will discuss Toyota Prius Key Replacement Cost and the factors that affect its cost. If you also want to replace your car engine with a Used Toyota Engine, here is detailed guidance for it too.

Toyota has been manufacturing cars for several decades now. The aftermarket for Toyota is also rapidly increasing because of the reputation built by Toyota. Even the smallest parts of Toyota have a massive demand in the market. Toyota Prius is among those cars manufactured by Toyota that have gained massive popularity. Toyota started selling Prius in 2001 and its aftermarket is also massive. If you want to replace your Prius key, you can either buy the transponder key or the key fob. Let’s discuss it in detail. 

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Types of Keys for Toyota Prius

Factors affecting the Toyota Prius Key Replacement Cost

Cost of Toyota Prius Key Replacement

Things to Remember


Types of Keys for Toyota Prius

Toyota has been manufacturing Prius for the past two decades. In the past two decades, new technology and advancement have replaced transponder keys with key fobs. Transponder keys use a chip inside to unlock or start the vehicle. A code is set in the chip of the key as well as in the car ignition system. When the key is inserted, the car starts if the code is detected. So, it provides extra safety to cars from robbery.

The Key Fob replaced the transponder keys in the past decade. Key Fob contains an electronic device that is programmed uniquely for every car. You just have to press the buttons on the key fob to open and close the doors of the car. Also, you can start the car by pressing the switch on the fob and insert your Prius key inside your pocket. 

Factors affecting the Toyota Prius Key Replacement Cost

As we have already discussed the several types of the key for your Toyota Prius. Now, let’s see several factors that determine the cost of Toyota Prius Key Replacement.

Toyota Prius Model

Prius comes with several models since it started manufacturing in 2001. It is the first and the most important factor that determines the cost for key replacement as every model and every car has different key programming. So, the prices also vary with the models. New models of Prius have a high cost of key replacement due to the use of modern technology in the form of key fobs.

Key Dealer

If you want to replace the key of your Prius, there are several options for you. Firstly, you can contact the Toyota dealer to program the key for you. It is the best choice as you can totally rely on the Toyota dealer. But you should also know that they will take longer than expected to manufacture your car key and the cost will also be high.

An alternate option is to buy your Prius key online and take it to your dealer just to program it. It can save you some bucks but it can be chaos for you if you don’t know the in-depth details of your Prius. But if you contact the Toyota dealer, they will help you out.

The last option is to contact the aftermarket key dealer for your Toyota Prius. It is the most affordable choice and also you will get fast service in comparison with the Toyota dealer. But the reliability and reputation of aftermarket suppliers are not that good.

Key Types

The cost of the key majorly depends on the type of the key. If you just want to have an ignition key for your Prius, it can be cheaply available. But if you want a key that can provide maximum security to your Prius, you can buy a transponder key that is moderate in price and the best option is to buy a key fob. It is the most expensive and the most suitable option for you. Nowadays, key fobs are preferred by maximum automobile companies.

Cost of Toyota Prius Key Replacement

Now, let’s finally discuss the actual cost of the Toyota Prius Key Replacement. Generally, the cost ranges from $200-$400 for the Key Fob of your Prius. But if you just want to have an ignition key, you just need to pay around $15-$30. Also, if you want to buy a transponder key, the cost varies from $50-$100. These costs have so many variations in their range because it depends on the type of dealer you choose too.

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Things To Remember

There are several things you should know while replacing the key of your Prius. Here are some key things to remember.

  • First of all, you must know the model of your Prius in order to manufacture the right programmed key.
  • You must have all the documents of your Prius with you otherwise the dealer will not be able to assist you.
  • You should also know the VIN(Vehicle Identification Number) of your Toyota Prius.

These are the few things you should know that can help you save time and energy.


The key replacement of Toyota is not so expensive. But if you want to add new features to the key fob, you have to pay some extra bucks. You can have an illuminating display on your key fob. Also, you can have buttons on the fob to open and close the windows. Hopefully, you find relevant information on the Toyota Prius Key Replacement Cost.

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