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Audi Q5 – Full Information

The Audi Q5 is a Good or most luxury car. It is the 5th generation of the Audi Q5 and it is updated for users’ demand. Q5’s first product launched in 2008 with a Mild hybrid design and a very comfortable look. It’s body style like Sports Utility Vehicle. It is a part of compact luxury cars produced by the German luxury car company. 

The Audi Q5 is available in a variety of engines at this time including petrol, diesel, and many hybrid options. So, it’s is the best choice for every car lover. If your goal is to buy any new car then you can purchase an it easily because this car’s price and body interior and Exterior are good for any common man. This is the perfect collection for all people because it is a combined creation such as fuel economy,  more space, and multiple professional reviews. 

The Audi Q5 is modified with a 1 petrol engine which is 1984 cc and best performance. The Audi Q5 is a five-seater four-cylinder car that is modified with automatic transmission.  

Specification of Audi Q5 car

Price $54.800
Seating Capacity5
Fuel type Petrol 
Mileage 13.47 km/I
Safety Rating 5 star
Warranty 2 Years
Engine size 1984 cc
Transmission Automatic 
Fuel tank 70 L
Length 4663 mm
Width 1893 mm
height1659 mm
Wheelbase 2832 mm
Ground Clearance 200 mm
Boot Space550 L
Minimum Turning Radius5.80 m
No. of Doors5

Generation of Audi Q5

First generation ( 2008 to 2012 )  

 In first-generation between 2008 to 2012 is the starting generation of Audi Q5. This car’s exterior design is very good for the user and its performance is good. It was a good luxury compact car for that time but Audi Q5 had the same A4 car and its features and fuel were 3.2 litre like the V6 engine. 

Second generation ( 2012 to 2016 )

In second generation was launched between 2012 to 2016 and it is the first modified car in the Audi Q5. Companies focus on interior design for this generation and change or add good interiors in cars. This time the company improved and modified the It’s engine performance and interior or interior design. At this time Audi Q5 is the most compact and successful car. 

Third generation ( 2016 to 2020 )

Audi Q5 third generation launched in 2106 and it was the best turning time to add more features to Audi Q5 like SUV, interior, and exterior. The first compact Audi launched in 2009 was the first car. At that time Audi was fully perfect for professional uses for more professional users. This time the diesel Engine type used 150 hp, 163 hp, and 190 hp.

Fourth generation ( 2018 to 2020 )

Audi Q5’s fourth generation was launched in 2018 and this generation of cars fully focuses on car interiors. After modifying the Q5 demand increased very fast in China. Audi increased her demand value in the Chinese market. This generation of Audi focuses on car interiors and makes the interior different from the previous. This car company uses 190 hp, 252 hp, and 286 hp types of Gasoline engines. 

Feature of Audi Q5 

The Audi Q5 is a good feature and most luxurious car and it is modified for business and other professionals. This car fulfills all types of demand for cars. If anybody uses this car then he gets the best impression for all people. It is also a good car with many features and that is the best choice for a car lover.

Some best features of the Audi Q5 that make it a good car:

  • Audi provides HEAD-UP display in Q5 model
  • It also provides LANE KEEP assist
  • Traffic jam assist is the most helpful feature in this model
  • Adaptive cruise control is also available
  • Provide around camera system for surrounding views
  • It provides front parking and back parking spencers and it can be useful for your safety
  • A traffic alert system is also available in Audi Q5
  • Windows automatic control

Interior outlook

The Audi has provided feet of space with the comfort and rear seats and space of the car 54 cubic feet in front seats. Audi is a 5 seater luxurious car. It also added a sunroof in this car and this is the most helpful for every session. Audi front seats are nice to comfortably sit. And also provides adjustments of power such as heating. For safety purposes, Audi provides a LATCH system in this car. 

Exterior Design

The Audi exterior is good looking and it is very likely. Audi colors and headlights are also good-looking and attractive. Full finishes body paint and color, solid finishes, and include multi-paint finishing. Like Floret silver, Manhattan Grey, Mythos Black, and Navarra Blue all are very nice colors. 


Audi is the most luxurious car with multiple engine choices. Audi starts from $54.800 and most features are available. It provides 5 seating seats and space in the front seat and its interior and exterior both are good for users. Now 5th generation is available in the market and that version includes most of the advanced features like traffic instruction, a round camera for safety reasons, and many features available in the Audi Q5.

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