Top 10 Car Brands In USA

Top 10 Car Brands In USA

The United States of America is home to the biggest car brands in the world. Also, the automotive industry here has rapidly evolved into the largest in the world. Whether it be Sports cars or Luxury cars, the USA is a huge market for all types of cars. In addition, the United States was the first country to have a mass market for vehicle production and sales. Also, this article will examine the biggest car manufacturers in the USA. We will present relevant data about these companies and their products. By having this information not only will you know about the best brands in the car business. But also, this list will be of immense help when you are deciding to get a new car. So here is a list of Top 10 Car brands in USA with full details about each.

1. General Motors – 1st in Top 10 Car Brands In USA

General Motors is an American company with its headquarters in Michigan. GMC is well known for manufacturing trucks as well as commercial vehicles from the early part of the 20th century. The company also produced coaches till 1980. Interestingly, this kind of variety is not known to a lot of people. GMC continues to hold its identity as a car company with a steady fleet of SUVs, vans, as well as trucks. General Motors still remains one of the most popular truck brands in the USA.

2. Ford Motors

Ford Motors is an American car brand with its headquarters in Michigan state. In addition, it is all set to increase its production capacity in the US. Also, Ford’s target is to manufacture autonomous and electric vehicles. As a result, the company invested in many new technologies. Moreover, in the past decade, Ford’s gone all-in on all its vehicles. Importantly, Ford is one of the top 10 car brands in USA with models like the Mustang, F150, and Explorer leading the pack. 

3. Toyota Motors

Japanese MNC Toyota Motors has headquarters in Aichi, Japan. Also, it got its name from its founder Kichiro Toyoda. It is the first company in Japan in the US. Toyota is best known for offering reliable, effective, and reasonably priced vehicles. The car company manufactures cars, trucks and electric vehicles too. With so many cars currently in the lineup, Toyota has more offerings than any other car brand. Toyota is one of the pioneers to encourage the mass-market adoption of hybrid cars across the USA.

4. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is a top car manufacturer not in the USA. Its headquarters are in the Netherlands and London. The company actively engages in the design, engineering, manufacture, and sale of vehicles. It also deals in vehicle-related parts, services, and production systems. It is also one of the oldest USA car brands.  

5. Renault Nissan – 5th in Top 10 Car Brands In USA

Renault Nissan is a French-Japanese MNC. Though Nissan has a major car lineup with entrants in several categories. It includes the affordable and electric Leaf, 370Z, and GT-R sports cars. The Sentra, which was just fully redesigned for 2020, was a good effort that fell short of being a class leader. Cars like the midsize Altima and the large Maxima are solid performers in their classes. In addition, the Versa is a great value for a subcompact car.

6. Honda Motors

Honda Motors is one more Japanese Multinational Company. It’s based in Tokyo. Honda got its name from its co-founder Soichiro Honda. It has made a terrific tour to become one of the world-leading car brands. Its first US outlet opened in the 1950s. After that, it quickly became a famous brand. Honda targets three core areas, robotics, mobility, and AI. It has increased its share of the USA market by 9.6%. Moreover, its producing plants as well as luxury brands, like Acura, continue to see huge demand. Importantly, Honda is one of the top 10 car brands in USA.

7. Hyundai-Kia Motors

Hyundai Motors was founded in 1967 by Chung Ju-Yung. It’s based in Seoul, South Korea. Hyundai is the largest Korean brand that has grown very fast in America. The brand is renowned for value-packed vehicles with high-quality interiors and user-friendly tech features.  It offers class-leading warranty coverage, too. Every car in the Hyundai-Kia lineup looks good.

8. Subaru Motors

Subaru is a multinational Japanese company that started in 1953. It was founded by Kenji Kita. Subaru is the most successful of all Japanese manufacturers in increasing their sales volume in the US. It fully focuses on reducing its environmental impacts during construction operations. Subaru offers a well-structured car lineup. All its cars are comfortable, practical, and loaded with advanced safety features. Subaru’s standard all-wheel-drive across its lineup gives them a major advantage.

9. Volkswagen Motors

Volkswagen Motors is a major car producer in the USA. It is a Germany-based MNC that was founded in 1937. The VW headquarters is in Wolfsburg city of Germany. Volkswagen offers a lineup of cars that are really good. They have great interior, user-friendly technology, great acceleration as well as agility. VW also competes in the compact car space. 

10. Daimler Motors – 10th in Top 10 Car Brands in USA

Daimler Motors is a UK motor vehicle company. In 1896 H.J Lawson started this company. It is the 10th largest car manufacturer in the USA. It is also the largest truck manufacturer in the world. Daimler has gained a good market share, especially in the Northern Part of the US. China was a major reason for this commendable performance by Daimler Motors. This resulted in a 28% increase in Mercedes-Benz sales. The company also has a great presence in the electric cars segment.


So to conclude, here we tried to provide details of the top 10 car brands in USA. Hope you have got all the relevant information related to the top car manufacturers in the USA market. In case you are planning to get a new car there are some things you need to be aware of. Always do full research about the main things that you are looking for in a car by a specific brand. Please also note that this list was compiled based on several factors like reputation of company, total sale volume, trust value, etc. 

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