How Much Does a Replacement Jeep Key Cost

Have you ever lost your car key? If yes, you surely have known how frustrating it is to lose your car key when you are in a hurry to go somewhere. Well, there is no other option except to replace a new key for your car. One thing you must know before replacing your car key is the actual cost of the key. You surely don’t want to spend extra money on it. Well, there are several factors that decide its cost. Every automobile brand has a different cost of key replacement. Here, we will discuss the cost of the replacement of a Jeep Key.

Factors Affecting the Replacement Jeep Key Cost

Do you know that the cost of a jeep key replacement varies from $20-$200? Let’s discuss why there is a massive difference in the price range. Some major factors are following:-

Ignition Key Without Fob

If you just want the ignition key for your Jeep, you need to pay around $20-$30 only. You will get a key to open and start your car. But if you want an electronic ignition key to remotely open and close the car, it will cost you more which we will discuss next. Buying an ignition key without a fob is the cheapest option available.

Smart Key (With Fob)

A key fob uses an electronic device to open and close the car door. Also, you can start your car with this smart key. It generally costs you around $100-$200. Well, it is a more reliable and better option to purchase a smart key and spend a few extra dollars. 

Dealer Cost

Another factor that decides the cost of the replacement key is your dealer. Either, you can buy the replacement key online from the original website or you can contact the aftermarket supplier for your car key. There is not a major difference in the price. But you should always prefer buying keys from the original manufacturers. They may charge a little more but it is always a more reliable option.

Jeep Model

The model of your jeep is also an important factor that will help you know the actual cost of your car key. The smart key requires programming for the key as every car needs to have a different key. So, it is important to tell your dealer the exact model of your car for no misunderstanding.


Hopefully, the above FAQ helps you to get an idea about the actual cost of the Replacement of a Jeep Key.

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