Toyota Corolla Side Mirror Replacement Cost

Toyota Corolla Side Mirror Replacement Cost – Step By Step Guide

The automobile sector is showing tremendous growth over the past few decades. The most important factor that is considered while car manufacturing is the safety of the customers. But not everything is in the hands of the manufacturers. You are responsible for your safety too. You must know how important the maintenance of a car is. And, it includes several things like car engine and transmission cleaning, checking tire pressure regularly, cleaning of windows, windshields, and mirrors, etc. Here, we will discuss one of those important factors that can save you and your car from damage. So, let’s discuss the Toyota Corolla Side Mirror Replacement Cost in detail.

In the past two or three decades, some automobile companies have raised their standards to a great extent. Toyota is among those companies that have shown their real strength in car manufacturing. The reason behind their success is that they have taken care of every small aspect while manufacturing the car. From powerful and reliable engines to high-tech accessories, Toyota is ruling over its competitors. Even after providing extreme comfort and services, a minor avoidance can lead to major accidents and damage. One such component of a car that you should maintain well is the side mirror of your Toyota Corolla.

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Importance of Side Mirror in Toyota Corolla

Why Side Mirror Requires Replacement

Factors Affecting the Side Mirror Replacement Cost

Actual Cost of Side Mirror Replacement


Importance of Side Mirror in Toyota Corolla

Every component of a car is manufactured to serve you in some way or another. The side mirrors are designed to help you see backward while driving your vehicle. There are some blind spots while driving a car. You can even cover these blind spots by moving the side mirrors according to your need. These mirrors are not only helpful for beginner drivers but are also extremely helpful for professionals to provide maximum safety.

Why Side Mirror Requires Replacement

Well, side mirrors do not generally require replacement. Either it requires replacement when the visibility of the mirrors gets poor which might occur in years. Or you had an accident and the side mirrors got damaged. These are the two major cases that require the replacement of side mirrors in your Toyota Corolla.

In the first scenario, the visibility of the mirrors gets poor because of several reasons. It might occur due to the bad quality of the mirror. It can also happen due to dirt and water which you can’t avoid. But one thing you can surely do is to clean the mirrors consistently and maintain them well.

Factors Affecting the Side Mirror Replacement Cost

Now, let’s discuss some major factors that affect the actual cost of side mirrors replacement for your Corolla. Here are a few of them.

Quality of Mirrors

The first and the most important factor that decides the cost of side mirrors is the quality of the mirror. The glass used to design the side mirrors should have high durability. Also, they should be heat and water-resistant. The quality of the glass decides the life of the mirror. Obviously, the glass will be expensive but it will be better and reliable in the long run.


Another important factor that affects the cost of the side mirror is the manufacturer of the mirror. There are mainly two best suitable options for you. The first and the most preferable option is to contact the Toyota dealer. They are the most trustable dealer and will provide you with the best solution available. A little drawback is that they will charge more for their quality and also they will take a little longer to replace your side mirrors.

If you are looking for a fast and cheap option, you can contact the aftermarket manufacturers. But in this case, you have to sacrifice the quality of the mirror. It depends on your need and budget which one to choose among these options.

Extra Features

If you want to add more safety features to your side mirrors, it will add an extra cost for you. You can have folding mirrors so that you can close them in crowded places and while parking to prevent damage to the mirrors. There are many other features too like puddle light, blind spot detection system, etc. These features are not necessarily required but if you want to add these extra features, prepare yourself to spend an extra few hundred dollars.

Labor Charges

After manufacturing the side mirrors, they are attached to the door panel. For this, the car service station or the auto repair shop will charge you with the labor charges. They may vary from $40-$80. Well, don’t worry, there is an alternative which will save you some bucks. You can fix the side mirrors by yourself using a screwdriver. But don’t screw up by fixing the left side mirror on the right side of your Corolla. 

Actual Cost of Side Mirror Replacement

After discussing the several factors affecting the replacement cost of the side mirror, let’s discuss the actual cost of the Toyota Corolla side mirror. The Cost varies from $200-$400 depending on the factors we have discussed. It also includes labor charges. Well, you can obviously save labor charges by doing the replacement work by yourself. If you are doing the replacement work by yourself and also you have contacted the aftermarket dealer for the side mirror, you can reduce the cost to $200 or even less.


The use of a side mirror is extremely necessary while driving a car. So, if you have a broken or damaged side mirror in your Toyota Corolla, immediately take it to the auto repair shops or purchase a new side mirror yourself and fix it by yourself. Avoiding the replacement of these mirrors can cause massive harm to you and your car. If you want to buy a Used Toyota Transmission, here is a detailed guide on it too.

Hopefully, you find relevant information on the Toyota Corolla Side Mirror Replacement Cost.

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