Honda Accord Rear Bumper Replacement Cost

Honda Accord Rear Bumper Replacement Cost – Step-By-Step Instructions

Do you know that the aftermarket for automobiles is expanding like never before? Due to the demand for high-speed cars, the maintenance of vehicles is also very essential nowadays. Generally, people avoid maintenance of their vehicles to save a few dollars but that can lead to major damage and can cost them thousands of dollars. If you even have a minor collision and there is damage to the car bumpers, don’t avoid replacing them with a new one. Not only do quality bumpers give a better look to the car but also help to protect you and your car from major damages. Here is an in-depth guide on the Honda Accord Rear Bumper Replacement Cost.

Honda is among the most popular car manufacturing companies that have started manufacturing vehicles since the 1960s. The demand for Honda has significantly increased in the last 2-3 decades. It not only happens because of the amazing exterior body of the Honda cars but the major reason was that they know what buyers want. And the most important thing that buyers want is the maximum safety of the passengers inside. That’s why Honda has spent millions and billions on research and development to offer maximum safety. Not only the ABS provided by them in their cars but the quality, durability, and reliability of the bumpers have also been the reason behind the maximum safety provided by Honda Cars.

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Table of Content

  • Reliability of Honda Accord Rear Bumper
  • Why Rear Bumpers Require Replacement?
  • Factors Affecting Honda Accord Rear Bumper Replacement
  • Actual Cost of Honda Accord Rear Bumper Replacement
  • Conclusion

Reliability of Honda Accord Rear Bumper

Honda Accord is among the best-selling cars in the United States. It started selling in the late 1980s and still, it is high in demand. Honda has not compromised the quality in any area while manufacturing the Accord. They have used high-quality raw materials to manufacture the front and rear bumpers. 

Earlier, the models of Accord had a metallic bumper surface. The rear bumper of the Accord was a bit heavy and was also expensive. But with time, the metallic rear bumper was replaced with the plastic bumper. The thermoplastic is light in weight, cheaply available, and most importantly, it provides more protection to the car and the driver by acting as a shock absorber. The plastic is mixed with other elements like rubber to provide maximum protection. Also, the inner side of the rear bumper contains foam that helps to absorb the massive energy during the collision.

Why Rear Bumpers Require Replacement?

There are several reasons that require the replacement of the rear bumpers of your Honda Accord. Some major reasons are the following:-


The first and the most basic reason that requires the replacement of the rear bumper is the collision of your car from the back. It is very essential to immediately replace the rear bumper in order to save your car from another mishap. The damaged rear bumper also affects the luxurious look of your Accord.

Car Value

The value of the car depends on every small component whether its interior components or its exterior body. The rear bumper is one of those components that is visible to the naked eyes and the damage to it can reduce the car value. So, replace your Accord rear bumpers with a new one to have a better value for your car.

Insurance Claim

The most important thing you should know is that repairing your bumpers instead of replacing them can lead to insurance claim issues. If you have massive damage to your Accord after repairing the rear bumper earlier, you might have to face trouble claiming your insurance. As the intensity of damage may be high because of the weak rear bumpers. But, it depends on your choice whether to repair or to replace your car’s rear bumper.

Factors Affecting Honda Accord Rear Bumper Replacement

After discussing why rear bumpers require replacement, let’s see some major factors that affect the cost of rear bumper replacement for your Honda Accord.

Honda Accord Model

Honda Accord has been in production since the 1980s. The quality and the type of raw material to manufacture rear bumpers have changed a few times. So, the cost of the rear bumper is also different for different models.

Type of Raw Material

There are several types of raw materials used to manufacture rear bumpers. If you want to have an affordable and best-quality rear bumper, thermoplastic bumpers are the best and the most reliable option for you. Other options to manufacture rear bumpers are metal, rubber, or aluminum. The metallic rear bumpers are the most expensive among them.

Labor Charges 

Another important factor that determines the cost of rear bumper replacement for your Honda Accord is the labor charges. The labor charges depend on the skills and expertise of the labor. Also, remember to take your car to auto body repair shops. Avoid taking it to auto repair shops. You can also have a look at the major differences between auto body repair and auto repair.

OEM Vs Aftermarket Dealer Prices

If you don’t know whom to contact for the parts of your Accord rear bumper, you have mainly two options. The first one is the Original manufacturers or the Honda dealers. You can have the most reliable and quality service from them. But also, you will have to pay them more for their service. 

The alternate option is to contact the aftermarket dealers. They are cheap and affordable in comparison with the Original Manufacturers. Obviously, you have to compromise with the quality. But if you want fast service, you can definitely contact one of the aftermarket suppliers.

Actual Cost of Honda Accord Rear Bumper Replacement

The above-mentioned factors determine the actual cost of the Accord rear bumper replacement cost. If you want to have the best quality service with the best raw material, you need to pay around $1400-$1500 for rear bumper replacement. Also, if you want replacement at affordable prices, you have to sacrifice the quality and also need to contact an aftermarket dealer, for that you have to pay around $800-$1000. These prices include labor charges. But remember, the price range mentioned is a rough idea only. The exact price may vary a little bit.

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The price range for the replacement of front and rear bumpers doesn’t vary much for Honda Accord. Also, the cost of rear bumper replacement for several models of Honda varies in the same range of around $1000-$1500. 

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Hopefully, you find relevant information on the Honda Accord Rear Bumper Replacement Cost.

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