Transmission Replacement Cost

Transmission Replacement Cost – Complete Guide

Have you ever wondered why repairing and maintaining your vehicle is so expensive? It’s true that the automotive sector has changed our lives totally. Also, it has added an extra expense to our routine. But, you have to adapt to modern technologies with time to cope up with the surroundings and people around you. High-speed cars, powerful engines, and maximum luxury and comfort inside are a need of an hour. But, sometimes, the accessories and components of a car need repairing and replacement. And, some of these replacements are very expensive. One such component is transmission. So, let’s discuss in detail the Transmission Replacement Cost and also why there is a need to replace a transmission.

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Transmission and its Importance

Why Transmission Requires Replacement

Factors Affecting Transmission Replacement Cost

Transmission Replacement Cost


Transmission and its Importance

Transmission in a car is one of the most essential components that help the car to move. It draws power from the engine. The excess heat and pressure inside the engine because of combustion generates the power by moving the crankshaft attached to it. The transmission is also connected to the crankshaft through a pulley. Basically, the transmission is a gearbox of a car. Nowadays, automatic transmissions have taken over manual transmission. But many people still choose manual transmission over automatic transmission. Check the detailed difference between them.

Automatic Transmission Vs Manual Transmission

The 5-speed transmission is common these days. But 6-speed transmission will soon take over its place. It simply means that the number of gears in a car is 5 or 6. More the number of gears, the higher the speed of the car. Before discussing the cost of the Transmission Replacement, let’s discuss why there is a need for Transmission Replacement.

Why Transmission Requires Replacement

Internal components of Transmission require proper lubrication and maintenance. Not only it will affect the performance of your car but also it can cost you thousands of dollars for its replacement. There are several reasons that lead to the replacement of Transmission. Here are a few of the transmission problems

Rough Use of Clutch

The clutch is one of the busiest components of a car. Sometimes, due to the rough and improper use of the clutch, it damages. The clutch is a part of the transmission system and its replacement is quite expensive. 

Low Transmission Fluid

As we have already discussed, the transmission requires proper lubrication just like the engine. Special transmission fluid is available for lubrication and better performance of the transmission. But, with time, the fluid gets used up or the leakage in the fluid chamber leads to its low level and damages the whole transmission. In order to prevent the replacement of car transmission, you should know how to check the transmission fluid. It will definitely save your hard-earned money and time.

Overheating of Transmission

The major reason for the replacement of the transmission is overheating. Overheating can be caused by the burning of transmission fluid or engine oil. It leads to the tearing of transmission components. Overheating can also be caused by several other reasons. Like rough use of the clutch, or high speed of the car can cause overheating. It not only leads to the damage of the transmission but can also damage the main engine of a car. 

Factors Affecting Transmission Replacement Cost

Transmission replacement cost depends on several things. Here is a list of some major factors that decide the cost of the Transmission.

Manual or Automatic Transmission System

The basic factor to check the cost of the transmission replacement is the type of transmission system. Automatic transmission is rather a new concept than a manual transmission. It is more complex and also more costly to repair and replace.

Original Manufacturers or Aftermarket Manufacturers

If you want a more reliable and high-performance transmission, you can replace your car transmission from the OEM suppliers. OEM suppliers provide high-quality service and charge more for better transmission systems. But the aftermarket suppliers are the wholesale manufacturers and if you are looking for cheap service, you can contact them. But, it is worth spending some extra money on a better transmission system as it will require less maintenance in the long run.


Labour charge is also an important factor while discussing the cost of the transmission replacement. It can vary depending on the auto repair shops. The more experienced ones with a high-skill set will charge more obviously. 

Transmission Replacement Cost

After discussing the factors affecting the cost of replacement of transmission, now, let’s discuss the actual cost required for the replacement. First of all, the replacement of a component of transmission like the clutch replacement will cost you around $1000-$1500. But for whole transmission replacement, the cost will rise up to $3000-$5000 depending on the above factors discussed. Also, the labor charges vary from $300-$1200.

If you are looking to buy a Used Transmission for your car, you need to pay around $800-$1400. But the maintenance of a used transmission is generally high and reliability is very less. So, it is a better option to either buy a new transmission or a remanufactured transmission. 


Every individual component of a car is essential and performs some major function. But the transmission is as important as the heart of a human being. It is one of the most expensive components of a car and even the repair charges of transmission are very high. So, you should know how important car maintenance is to prevent yourself from spending extra dollars on your vehicle.

If you are looking for the cheapest option for the replacement of a transmission, you should definitely go for a Used Car Transmission. But before that, you must take a look at different possible issues that might occur with a Used Transmission.

Hope you find relevant information on the Transmission Replacement Cost.

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