Fuel Pump Replacement Cost

Fuel Pump Replacement Cost: Complete Information

The most important part of an engine system is the fuel pump. It pumps the fuel from the fuel tank to the engine combustion, where fuel burns. After burning it produces power which helps to move the vehicle. Of course, if your fuel pump gets some faults you don’t want to push your vehicle by your hand. In case your fuel pump needs replacement here’s the fuel replacement cost: complete information. 

It is important to know about your vehicle’s fuel system, it’ll help you everywhere. Whether it’s about the minor faults in the fuel pump or the fuel pump needs replacement. We have gathered all the info like what is the fuel pump? And what problem may rise into it? And what is the cost of the fuel pump replacement system?

What is a Fuel Pump?

So it a device that is fitted aside a vehicle’s engine which pumps the fuel from the fuel tank to the combustion chamber. These devices can either be mechanical or electrical, both. In some vehicle’s the job of the fuel pump is to divide fuel under low pressure to carburetor or under high pressure it distributes the fuel to the fuel injection system. The diaphragm in mechanical fuel pumps adjusts the increasing and decreasing capacity by flexing the lever. The camshaft operates a liver that is actually connected to the pump. The lever pulls down the diaphragm that helps to fuel to run into the pump and also the lever pulls the diaphragm which lets the fuel get out from the pump. 

But in the electrical fuel pumps, the fuel is taken to the combustion chamber with the help of positive electrical pressure. The electrical pump generates that positive electrical pressure. And, when the electrical pump generates the negative pressure then the chamber ejects the fuel.

Types of Electrical Fuel Pump System:

Nowadays, many automobile manufacturing companies are using the electrical fuel injector system. Here are a few examples of electrical fuel pumps:

  1. In-tank: In this type of electric fuel pump, the pumps are fitted inside the fuel tank. There are two main reasons for it, the first one is that the fuel helps to cool down the device. And the other advantage of the in-tank electrical fuel system that no external garbage can enter the fuel system. But there are drawbacks to this type of fuel system. That is, you only have to replace the fuel system once it gets faulty. And even the replacement cost of these types of fuel systems is high, because of the complex fitting it takes much labour timing, which eventually increases the labour cost. 
  2. Inline: If we compare it with the in-tank fuel system, then replacing this fuel pump system is very easy. This fuel-pumping system is located between the engine and the fuel tank. Also, it works like a connector between the fuel tank and engine. 

Indications for Fuel Pump Replacement

Your car will give you many prior indications if your car’s fuel system is failing. And if indications like these started showing up you definitely should not ignore it. If there would have any chance left that the fuel pump system can be replaced then because of your carelessness it will get missed. And you’ve to pay for the replacement of the fuel pump. Also, if you’re visiting an auto body repair shop, they will inform you about the condition of your car’s fuel pump, please do not ignore it.

The engine will not start:

If you are using a new technology vehicle, and an electrical in-tank fuel pumping system. Then your vehicle won’t start if there is any problem with your car’s fuel pump system. The faulty electrical fuel pump system will not be able to pump the fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. Hence, your car won’t start. But there are various reasons because of which your car engine is not starting, like a problem in the ignition coil.

Losing Power:

If your car is vibrating while accelerating, or losing power under tension acceleration. Like a climbing hill, or some cliff, or even during the high acceleration, if your car is losing power then it’s probable the indications of a faulty fuel pump system. It’s happening because while accelerating your car demands more quantity of fuel to burn, which actually has not been fulfilled because of the faulty fuel pump system. As a result, your car’s engine starts losing its power.

Low Mileage:

Sometimes because of the faulty fuel pump, the device starts flowing extra fuel in the engine. But that doesn’t mean that your engine will start giving more power. No, it’ll not because your engine’s power has its limit and pouring extra fuel into the engine will only make the engine burn that extra fuel without utilizing it. This results in low mileage because of the wastage of fuel.

Weird Sound from the fuel pump:

This often occurs, your fuel pump will start producing weird sounds sometimes louder or sometimes softer or sometimes your engine starts producing knocking sounds. It can happen because for many reasons, sometimes some impurity or some garbage get stuck into your fuel pump. Or sometimes it happens because the life span of your fuel pump is complete and it started wearing out.

Fuel Replacement Cost

The fuel replacement cost is dependent on various factors. For instance, what model of car you’re using, or how much your fuel system is damaged? Whether it can be repaired or it is unrepairable. Also, what type of mechanic you’re visiting and what are their labour charges?

There are various reasons, that is why we bring some priority pieces of information about the fuel replacement cost.

The average cost for the replacement of the fuel pump is between $220-$1200. It depends on the above-mentioned factor. Out of this cost, the average labour cost is between $50-$350, also this depends on which mechanic your visiting. If you are visiting a professional mechanic then the mechanic will take less time to replace the parts and it’ll cost you less. But if you’re visiting an unprofessional then the mechanic will waste a larger amount of time replacing your car’s fuel pump. 

Also, the quality of the fuel pump you’re using for replacing your car’s older fuel pump also affects the cost very much. As you can get low-quality products at a very low cost, but the life span of low-quality products are very low. So it’s better to go with good quality products, which is a long term investment.

Note: In gasoline engines, the fuel pump pumps the gas from the gas tank to the engine.

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