Toyota Corolla Bumper Replacement Cost

Toyota Corolla Bumper Replacement Cost

If we look at the list of the oldest but still most chosen automobile companies, then Toyota has surely its name in it. Toyota is a Japan-based automobile manufacturing company. The founding year of the company is 1937, by Kiichiro Toyoda. This company is known for its performance cars and designs. With the running time, this company has also evolved in many ways. The vehicle’s which Toyota has manufactured can easily compete with other high range cars. Toyota Corolla is one of those beautiful cars which Toyota has manufactured. Here we going to put some light on the car and will discuss the Toyota Corolla Bumper Replacement Cost.

Something About Toyota Corolla

The full name of the Toyota Corolla is Toyota Corolla Altis and it is a mid-range Sedan. The price of Toyota Corolla depends upon their model. For instance, the Toyota Corolla L variant has a price range of around $20,075, it’s the start price of the base L model. If we look at the exterior of this car, Toyota Corolla literally can make you gaze at it. The colour variants are also very charming, it doesn’t matter what colour you choose. Every other variant has different unique feature into them. 

For example, the Toyota Corolla come as Corolla Apex which has the best handling with perfect styling. You will not regret it any time after purchasing it. Corolla Nightshade has a sleek and sharp eagle design. That makes it the perfect car for hunting any competitor. Among all of them, here comes the most aggressive one the Corolla Sporty Front Fascia.

Toyota Corolla has everything, whether it is about the power inside the hood or the design of the exterior and interior of the car. This carries the passenger in style as well as in comfort. That is because of the spacious and premium interior design. The seats have made by Softex, specially designed for Corolla to match its standard and also to give a more premium look. That is why it very important to do car maintenance very carefully and accordingly (regularly). 

The new models of the Toyota Corolla have lashed all advanced technology whether it’s supporting ios or android consoles and others. Above all this car is a complete package for everyone, whether love sports or the class. This car suits every standard. 

Toyota Corolla Bumper Replacement Cost

Toyota Corolla is such a beauty, that sometimes it happens to be very hard to maintain the car. Also, to keep it look always new, is something everyone wants. And when it comes to the first look of the car, every person’s first glance goes at the bumper of the car. The bumper of the car protects the most important part of a vehicle, the engine. People judge the car on the basis of their bumpers That is why nowadays every car manufacturing company focuses on making the bumper look more premium and stylish. So has the Toyota company, Toyota designer unit members have really worked very hard while designing the car, especially the bumper.

What issue can a bumper of Toyota Corolla face?

The bumper actually is the first part of your vehicle to hit, if you hit your vehicle from the front. Most of the time it happens if you are driving very fast or your concentration is something else instead of the road. You can probably hit some speed breaker or anything on road, and the minute you hit something your car’s bumper going to take that hit first. And who wants to keep the damaged bumper in their vehicle, that is why replacing the bumper is necessary. 

The bumper of the car is exposed to everything, whether it’s off-road activity, on roads that consist of many potholes and pebbles. Suppose every big and small pebble hitting the bumper body, there will be way many scratches, which is beyond your expectations.

You can either visit any auto body repair shop or your mechanic, they can easily replace your car’s bumper. Only if you are visiting some professional mechanic. For an amateur replacing the bumper can be a tough job to do. That is why the bodywork of cars are expensive!

Toyota Corolla Bumper Replacement Cost

Replacing a bumper of the vehicle consists of many small steps, from removing the old bumper to fitting the new bumper perfectly is no boy job. The bumper itself consists of several parts like fog lights, licence plate and some new bumpers also have the turning lights. 

You can either repair the bumper or replace the old damaged bumper with the new one. It depends upon how much damage is your car’s bumper is. The repair cost of a bumper depends upon various factors like the damage intensity or the model of the car, or what material you’re using while repairing a bumper. 

For Toyota Corolla, the average cost of replacing a bumper comes around $500-$1500. It depends upon what material you are using for your Toyota Corolla’s bumper. The plastic simple bumpers are cheaper compared to the original premium bumper of the car. But also the cheaper plastic bumpers have no long life and they can get damaged very easily. That is why it is recommended to replace your Toyota Corolla’s bumper only with the original parts. 

Also, the labour cost affects the total price of the Toyota Corolla bumper replacement cost very much. The labour has to do several things while installing the new bumper in the car. The mechanic has to paint the bumper with the matching colour of the car. Also, he has to fit all the electrical types of equipment including the fog lights, license plate and license plate lights and turning lights. All these take plenty of time which is why the labour cost for replacing a Toyota Corolla is high. 


The bumpers are the first safety option for your car. That is why it is very important to replace it as soon as possible once it gets damaged. There is no option of ignoring it.

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