BMW M6 Engine

The big bull of the automobile industry BMW is a well-known brand and is appreciated by every car and technology lover out there. The German Company is famous for luxury, high standard, comfort, strength, and most important power. BMW M6 version is manufactured for the first 3 generations of Series 6. M6 is mostly famous for its amazing exterior style. With the use of advanced technology, BMW Accessories are trending. Most important, the BMW M6 Engine is one powerful engine that has helped the M6 series to reach heights. M6 Engine is one of the most powerful engines by BMW

Let’s dig deep to find out the detailed information on M6 Engine.

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Specifications of BMW M6 Engine

Models of M6 Engine

What makes the BMW M6 Engine so strong?

Common Issues with M6 Engine

M6 Engine Maintenance


Specifications of BMW M6 Engine

Year by year, BMW is becoming strong and powerful with minimal issues. BMW spends huge money on research and development areas just to provide 100% comfort and maximum speed by improving its specs.

Let’s see some basic specifications of the M6 Engine:-

  • Different models of BMW M6 are assembled with different engines. M88/3 Engine, S85 Engine, and S63 Engine are assembled with M6 BMWs.
  • The engines used are V6, V8, and V10 Engines to provide maximum power.
  • The maximum power offered by the Engine is above 500 HP.
  • Torque offered by M6 V10 Engine is 384 lb.ft.

Models of M6 Engine

BMW M6 has different models in Series 6. E24, E63/64, F06, F12, and F13 are all M6 models. Let’s discuss the engine models used by the BMW M6.

BMW S85 Engine

S85 is a V10 Engine with high performance and strength. It is highly used in racing cars because of its 10 piston cylinders. Displacement produced by S85 Engine is 4999 cc. Output power is 500 HP and torque is 384 lb.ft. E63 and E64 M6 use the S85 engine inside.

M88/3 Engine

M88/3 engine is assembled in E24 M6 BMW. It is a straight-six cylinder engine with an output power of 282 hp and the torque offered is 251 lb.ft. 

S63 Engine

F06, F12, and F13 models of M6 use S63 Engine. It is a twin-turbo engine with 8 piston cylinders. It has a 6-speed manual transmission and 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. 

What makes the BMW M6 Engine so strong?

BMW M6 engine has different models with 6,8, and 10 piston cylinders. It helps to limit the vibrations produced by the car at high speeds. With such strength and high power, BMW M6 runs at extremely high speed. But the major drawback with high-speed cars is that the consumption of fuel is also very high as a high volume of fuel/water requires for combustion at a higher rate to generate more power and high speed.

Common Issues with M6 Engine

We have already discussed the strengths of the M6 Engine. But you must need to know about some common problems too. Here are a few common issues:-

Damaged Internal Parts of Engine

For high power and maximum speeds, the combustion rate also needs to be high. With a high combustion rate, the temperature, and pressure inside the engine increase. It leads to the damage of internal parts of the Engine. 

How To Resolve?

One way to resolve this issue is by replacing the engine parts. But it is not a permanent solution as this problem may occur again. The permanent solution for this problem is to add a quality car engine coolant that helps to reduce the temperature inside. Consistent change of coolant requires every few months. A mixture of 50 % of coolant with water is necessary for the high performance of the coolant. 

Also, regular cleaning of the engine and transmission helps to improve the efficiency of the engine. It in turn helps to avoid excessive heating and damage of engine parts.

Fuel Leakage

You can’t deny the importance of the maintenance of a car. More and more use of technology means a high requirement for maintenance. One of the most common issues that you will see with high-power engines is the leakage of fuel/oil. The main reason behind it is the breakage in valves or pistons. It generally happens with time because engines need to go through a very high temperature and pressure. Also, the parts of the engine brakes, and oil starts leaking from them. It leads to low efficiency and power of the engine.

How To Resolve

There is a great importance of oil/fuel inside the engine. As the combustion process requires a mixture of oil and water. One way to resolve this problem is to replace the parts that lead to leakage. Sometimes, leakage happens due to loose piston rings, wires, or other engine parts. So, another way to resolve the issue is by taking your car to the service station and tighten the engine parts.


BMW M6 version of Series 6 begins its journey in 1983 and ends in 2018. The use of high-strength engine models leads BMW M6 to become the favorite. Also, the BMW M6 Engine is not the only engine that shows exceptional performance. Other BMW Engines that become popular are BMW 340i Engine, BMW 850i Engine, BMW X3 Engine, and BMW 135i Engine

Also, the M6 engine requires high maintenance. The problems we have discussed are so common and can be resolved by simple replacement and repairing but avoiding the above-mentioned issues can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you are planning to buy a Used BMW Engine, you should know that it requires some extra maintenance and you need to spend some extra bucks too. 

This is the detailed guide on the M6 Engine.

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