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BMW 135i Engine: Detail here

The German Brand BMW has not just maintained its reputation by designing fancy exteriors and luxuries inside the car. The main reason behind the success of this powerful brand is the strength of their cars. We can’t deny that a luxurious look is also the key factor for the high-demanding BMW cars. But, without a strong engine, even the best automobile companies can’t sustain. BMW has manufactured some of the best and the most powerful engines for luxury cars like Rolls Royce, Mclaren, etc. Here, we will discuss the BMW 135i Engine which is among the most powerful engines designed by BMW.

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  • Specifications of BMW 135i 
  • Strength of 135i Engine
  • Issues with 135i Engine
  • Required Maintenance 
  • Conclusion

Before moving to the strengths and reliability of this particular engine, let’s discuss the specifications of this engine.

Specifications of BMW 135i 

BMW 1 Series have different models and body styles. Several models include E81, E82, E87, and E88. Also, there are two engine models for 135i. The first is the N54 twin-turbocharged engine and the other is the N55 engine.

Here are the specifications of both engine models:-

  • The capacity of the 135i engine is 3.0L.
  • Both models have inline 6 cylinders.
  • The torque offered by the engine is 5000rpm.
  • The transmission offered by the N54 engine is 6-speed auto and manual while for the N55 engine, it is a 7-speed auto and 6-speed manual.
  • Output Power offered by this engine is 300HP.

Strength of 135i Engine

As we have discussed above the specifications of the BMW Engines, you must have got quite an idea about this powerful engine. Firstly, the strength of the engine can be judged by its power and torque offered that are quite good. But due to high power, the maintenance requirement is also high which we will discuss later.

BMW is a high-speed racing car with 7-speed automatic and 6-speed manual engine transmission. Adding to the strength, Inline 6 cylinders help to reduce the vibrations even during high speeds. Basically, BMW has very well taken care of its core strength to provide high-powered engines.

Issues with 135i Engine

With modern technology used to manufacture BMW 135i Engine and the resulting high power inside the engine, there are chances that some issues might occur with your car. Let’s discuss some of those issues with 135i Engine:-


Generally, the water pump operates with the help of engine power. But manufacturers like BMW try to upgrade everything that helps to increase the power and speed of the car. So, in BMW 1 series, the water pump is electrically operated which helps to avoid engine power loss. But the drawback here is that the pump needs a replacement after every 60k miles that should not be avoided.

Well, the default can be noticed as the car will go on limp mode during such defaults. Avoiding such issues can cost you heavily as problems with engines are the worst to overcome. 

Valve Cracking

Before discussing the cracking of the valve. Let’s see what valve is. Basically, the valves are a part of the engine that helps to complete the process of combustion by letting in air or oil to the cylinder or to let out air/oil from the cylinder. But during this process, the valve cracks because of high pressure and temperature. It causes in the leakage of oil and requires maintenance. Otherwise more power will be consumed and ultimately leads to major engine problems.

Oil Filter Leakage

One thing you need to know first is that engine manufacturers are trying their level best to raise the economy of the fuel. One way to improve it is by reducing the power of the engine which may not be the best suitable way. Another way is to add oil filter housing to secure oil filters.

But with time, these filters damages and lead to leakage of oil. It needs to repair every few years. 

Required Maintenance 

With several issues that might occur with the engine, there is a need to look for several areas where maintenance of a car is required. Let’s discuss some of the areas:-

Walnut Blasting

It is the process of cleaning the inlet manifold and the valves that supply the air/oil mixture inside the cylinders. Cleaning is done by high-pressure air of crushed walnuts to remove the carbon inside the valves. It generally increases the fuel economy and helps the car to run smoothly and better.

Replacement of Spark Plug

For the proper functioning of a car engine, the spark plug needs to be regularly replaced. These small maintenance tips are very useful and you shouldn’t avoid them if you want to smoothly run your car. 

Oil Change

You need to consistently change the oil in the engine. Quality engine oil helps in better combustion inside the cylinder and that, in turn, helps to increase the performance of the car engine.

Engine Coolant Maintenance 

Car engine Coolant requires proper maintenance as it helps the engine to avoid overheating. For its maintenance, a 50/50 mixture of coolant and water is required. Also, the coolant chamber needs to be pressurized by keeping the radiator cap tight. This is one of the most required work under the maintenance section as it can lead to damage of the whole engine if avoided.


The BMW 135i Engine is the most powerful engine in the BMW engine family. But these are the First series engines and you will not be able to purchase a new one. You can look for a Used BMW Engine if you are planning to buy one. These engines are still preferred by many BMW lovers but you need to maintain these engines very well and it will costs you some extra bucks if the above-mentioned precautions are not considered. 

This is a complete guide for BMW 135i Engine.

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