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List Of Hummer H3 Transmission Problems

Firstly what is Hummer – It was a military vehicle that was used for civilian use. If in the future any auto part of the Hummer was damaged and you want to replace that part then you can not find any part of this vehicle in the local mechanic shop as a replacement. It has manufactured many models like H2 and H3. The H2 and H3 have powerful engines so that is why it is not typically SUVs. Never avoid the transmission problem as it can cause big damage in the future. To prevent future damage you need to be careful with the transmission problems. 

It comprises high-quality parts such as engine, powertrain, transmission, and drivetrain. Hummer H3 was provided with the 4L60E. It has an automatic transmission. Hummer vehicles are more reliable but they also have transmission problems So, Now we look at the most common transmission problem of Hummer H3. 

Transmission Problems of Hummer H3 

Clutch Problems

The Clutch becomes jammed and it is located within the torque converter. If your clutch is jammed, then the solenoid can be locked and the result as the amount of your transmission fluid in the torque converter cannot be calculated correctly. Clutch problems can cause violent shaking underneath the vehicles. And can produce very high heat levels in the transmission. This type of clutch problem is very similar to low fluid levels. 

Low Fluid levels and leaks 

This is the very most common transmission problem: the transmission fluids leaks and the low level of transmission. So, how will low transmission fluids occur? It occurs by the leak in the transmission by itself and there will be no movement when the whole fluid has lost due to leakage of fuel. If there is any leakage or may be due to pump failure so you can check this underneath the vehicle. You have to check this before going to the mechanic that it is leakage or pump failure.

If we talk about the symptoms of low fluid levels and the leak of the fluid can be the slow shifting and the gear slipping. If your fluid is very old then it needs to be changed timely otherwise it can cause transmission of fuel. One thing to remember is never to start your car when it does not have fluid in the transmission.

Solenoid Problems

What is the work of Solenoid? The Solenoid works to control the flow of the fluid through the transmission. But the solenoid can be damaged due to the low level of fluid and the other electronic problems in the solenoid. The problems of solenoids are similar to low levels of fluids and leaks of fluids. If your Hummer H3 is slipping and there is no leakage so just check the solenoid of your vehicle because maybe there is a problem.

Gear Stuck In Car

The Hummer H3, the model of 4L60E does not come out of the gear. The lower gear of these coils can go into the limp home mode. Suddenly, It can make your car very heavy due to nonexistent acceleration. The Powertrain control module (PCM) senses any electronic problem then prevents your car from shifting gear transmission. The powertrain control module is to prevent any further damage but it is very annoying for the driver. 

Transmission Slipping 

How do you get to know that your transmission is slipping? Whenever it happens you may notice the metal noise. The car can go to the gear like the reverse gear. Whenever you are shifting it can take time and can be delayed because of this. You can also feel the burning smell as well in your car. And the engine light starts to turn on automatically. 

Torque Converter Problem

Torque Converter and transmission problems can occur several types of problems and the result can be transmission failure or damage. The most common problem with torque is worn or damaged the needle of the bearing. If your bearing heats then you will hear the noise while driving in the gear. In the neutral mode, the vehicle may not produce any sound but when you are driving in the gear it will produce the sound like grinding. 

Shifting not to 4th gear

You feel a very horrible noise like the breakers are on while you are driving in 4th gear. If you manually shift the gear to 2nd and then put it back and then shift it to 3rd or 4th gear then that time your 4th gear may be stuck.  

Speedometer won’t show reading

Whenever your speedometer won’t shows any reading that can show a very serious issue with your VSS or it can be a bad ECU. sometimes your gear has stuck and would not come out the gear. The vehicle speed sensor (VSS) is a little bit hard to replace because it is very expensive. It controls the speedometer and the cruise control system which affects your engine more.

Other Common Issues

Some of the owners who had purchased the 2006 model of Hummer H3 have complained about head gasket failures which are necessary to rebuild the engine and also have to replace some rear axles and also transfer the cases. And some of them also complain about the failing engine in the model of 2006 hummer H3. Good maintenance procedure of Hummer H3 will help you to perform your transmission better, long-lasting, and require few repairs.


In this blog, we have discussed the transmission problem of Hummer H3 that can cause further damages. The transmission is a very important and main component of your vehicles. It controls the engine power and the speed of your vehicles. If you don’t want any damage so whenever you find your gearbox worn, just fix the issue immediately to prevent future damage. Hummer H3 will help you to perform your transmission better, long-lasting, and require a few repairs.

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