BMW 340i Engine

BMW 340i Engine

BMW 340i is a 3 Series car with F30, F31, AND F34 models. BMW is well known for manufacturing not only the luxury exterior looks but also total comfort inside. With highly powerful engines, BMW is completely dominating the market with high-speed cars and maximum power. Engine manufacturing is the most researched and important part because it is one of the main reasons behind the success of any car company. BMW 340i consists of a B58 turbocharged engine with 6 cylinders. This BMW 340i Engine replaces the N55 engine and was launched in 2015.

The B58 engine is one strong engine with different models. It is among the strongest engines of BMW. Let’s discuss the 340i engine in detail with its specifications, models, and strengths.

Table of Content

  • Specifications of BMW 340i Engine
  • Models of 340i Engine
  • Most Common Problems with 340i Engine
  • Maintenance Work Required
  • Conclusion

Specifications of BMW 340i Engine

BMW 340i engine or simply B58 engine is a closed-deck block structure with compression ratio 11:1. Now, let’s see the complete specification list for the B58 Engine.

  • The B58 Engine is a straight six cylinder engine.
  • The output power offered is 322 hp to 355 hp depending on the model of the B58 engine.
  • The maximum torque offered by the B58 engine is 369 lb.ft.
  • Engine Displacement of 340i engine is 2998 cc as it is a 3.0l engine.

Models of 340i Engine

As we have already discussed, the B58 Engine has several models like B58B30M0, B58B30M1, B58B30C, and B58B30O1. Well, the 340i engine only consists of the B58B30M0 model with different variants. Here are the different variants of the 340i Engine.

322 HP Version

F30, F31, and F34 models of Series 3 BMW 340i have this engine variant with power ranges from 5500 rpm to 6500 rpm, torque ranges from 1380 rpm to 5000 rpm.

355 HP Version 

This is another 340i Engine variant that manufactures in 2016. It has also assembled with all the models of BMW 340i that are F30, F31, and F34. The output power ranges from 5500 rpm to 6500 rpm and torque ranges from 1520 rpm to 4800 rpm. 

There are two more variants of the B58B30M0 engine but they are not assembled with the 340i Engine. 

Most Common Problems with 340i Engine 

With the addition of new technology, new problems are also added. Here are some most common problems with the BMW 340i Engine that you must know as avoiding them can lead to disaster.

Valve Oil Leakage

Valve Covers protect oil leakages inside the engine. The engine requires oil for lubrication and combustion purposes. But sometimes, due to excess heat and pressure, the valve cover damages, and oils start leaking.

How To Find Out

  • Oil Deposit on Other Engine Parts
  • The smell of Burning Oil
  • Less Combustion leading to reduced speed or more noises and vibrations at high speed

High Consumption of Coolant

Car Engine Coolants are a very important part of the proper functioning of engines. These coolants are used to cool down the excess heat generated due to the combustion inside the combustion chamber. But sometimes, due to low-quality coolant or excess heat, the coolant consumption is high. Due to the low amount of coolant, the temperature rises and leads to the damage of engine parts.

How To Find Out

  • Smoke from the Engine
  • Oil leakage 
  • Eroded Engine Parts

Damaged Engine Parts

Generally, due to high temperature and pressure caused by the internal combustion inside the combustion chamber, engine parts especially piston, valves, and crankshaft that are close to the chamber get damaged. Also, due to high vibrations, heat, and pressure, wires get loose with time. So, regular replacement is required.

How To Find Out

  • High Vibrations while driving
  • Unnecessary noises
  • Smoke from the engine
  • Oil Leakages

Maintenance Work Required

The BMW 340i Engine requires proper maintenance as the problems mentioned above can lead to major damages to the engine. So, in order to avoid these damages, maintenance of a car is highly necessary. Let’s see some major areas where maintenance work is required.

Engine Parts Replacement

Parts of the Engine damages with time. Mainly, valves, piston rings, etc need to be replaced else it affects the performance of the engine. You can identify these issues easily by listening to the disturbing noises from the car. Don’t avoid these car noises and take your car to the service station as soon as possible as they might need urgent replacement.

Need of Quality Coolant

One of the most important areas where the maintenance requirement is a must is the coolant chamber repairing. Firstly a good quality of coolant is very helpful to keep down the temperature of the engine. Secondly, regular cleaning of coolant chambers also helps to improve the efficiency of coolant. Regular cleaning of car engines and transmission helps to increase the performance and efficiency of the car.

Change of Fuel

BMW 340i Engine requires a mixture of oil/water for the combustion process. The efficiency of internal combustion depends on the quality of engine oil or fuel. So, quality engine oil is very necessary and it is also necessary to change engine oil every few months for better engine performance.


The German Company BMW has done excellence to provide total satisfaction to the customers. The astonishing body of the BMW cars is so eye-catching. Also, BMW Accessories helps the big brand to stand out from the crowd. BMW 340i Engine is a reliable and powerful engine in Series 3 BMW. Other powerful BMW engines include BMW 850i Engine, BMW X3 Engine, and BMW 135i Engine. You can also buy the BMW Used Engines but you may sacrifice the performance and power of the engine. Also, used engines require extra maintenance work. This is all from the 340i Engine.

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