BMW 850i Engine

BMW 850i Engine

BMW has been manufacturing luxurious and powerful cars for many decades. The 8 Series of BMW launches in the early ’90s. At that time, the core strength of the engines was very low in comparison with the strength of modern engines. There is a big difference in modern car engines vs older car engines with respect to the power offered, size and weight of engines, and efficiency of engines. But still, the BMW 850i which was the first model of the Series 8 came out with a powerful engine. BMW 8 Series replaces the Series 6 Cars as it was manufactured at a high cost and way better performance. Here is a complete guide for 850i Engine.

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Specifications of 850i Engine

850i Engine Strength


Maintenance Required


Specifications of 850i Engine

BMW 8 Series has different models of engines. Several models are M60B40, M62B44, M70B50, M73B54 and S70B56. Well, the basic model 850i comes with the M70B50 Engine model. Here are the specifications of the BMW 850i Engine.

  • The 850i Engine comes with a V12 engine. Basically, the Series 8 engine also has V8 variants which is a small-sized engine and are better for the limited space cars and it also has fewer cylinders. While the V12 engine offers more power and high speed as it has more cylinders.
  • The maximum displacement offered by the 850i Engine is 4988 cc.
  • Output Power offered by this BMW engine is 296HP.
  • The maximum torque offered by the 850i engine is 4100 rpm.

850i Engine Strength

BMW has been commanding in the automobile sector with its high performance engines and its luxurious body style. Also the BMW interior and exterior accessories are quite brilliant in comparison with the other top car companies in the market. But let’s get back to the point and discuss some of the main reasons that show the strength of the 850i Engine.

Less Vibrations 

The 850i BMW car has a V12 Engine. It means that it is a 12-cylinders piston engine that helps to increase the power and the torque of the engine by better combustion. It helps to raise the movement speed of the crankshaft and results in the high speed car. Usually, with high speed, the car starts vibrating but with the V12 Engine, there are very less vibrations. That’s why the racing cars don’t prefer V8 engines.

Torque and Power

The engine of 850i offers high torque and power that increases the strength of the car. Generally, high torque helps to drive on inclined steeps and also to transport heavy weights.  


With the use of advanced technology in cars, there are always some issues attached with it. Let’s discuss some major issues with the 850i Engine.

High Fuel Consumption 

In V12 Engines, combustion rate in the chamber is high. The process of combustion requires an air/fuel mixture. That’s why consumption of fuel is high in the BMW 850i Engine.

Cracked Engine Parts

The major problem that is quite frustrating in the engine is the erosion of the Engine parts. As time passes, the parts of the engine like crankshaft, valves, piston rings start getting eroded. It leads to the leakage of fuel gas and in turn leads to a reduction in the efficiency of engine performance.    

Loose Piston Rings

Pistons are responsible for the transfer of air/fuel mixture from engine to the combustion chamber and vice versa. There are rings attached with the piston at the beginning of the piston, in the middle, and in the end of the piston. Piston rings are useful to seal the combustion chamber so that the gas does not leak outside. But after some time, the piston rings get loose and require repairing.

Maintenance Required

One of the most important things to consider after buying a car is not to avoid the regular maintenance of a car. If you maintain your car well, you can save a lot of bucks. Here is a list of some areas which requires high maintenance.

Replacement of Engine Parts

The 850i Engine requires regular replacement of some parts that damages or get corrosion due to the high temperature and pressure in the combustion chamber. Consistent replacement of valves, piston rings etc are very essential otherwise it may lead to engine failure some time.

Coolant Repair

Engine Coolant is responsible to cooldown the excess heat and temperature that is caused by the combustion inside the cylinder. Car Engine Coolant repairing requires 50% of coolant and 50% of water mixture. Well, engines are made to tolerate high temperatures but it may lead to the erosion of other parts.

Fuel Replacement

You must have heard about the different engine oils in T.V Advertisements. Actually engine oil needs frequent replacement. As in the process of combustion, engine oil is responsible and low quality engine oil reduces the efficiency of combustion. So, always prefer high quality engine oil even if it costs you a few extra dollars.

Loose parts and Wires

Maintenance of BMW 850i Engine also requires consistent checking of loose wires, spark plug, and other engine parts. With high vibrations, engine parts and wires start getting detached from their original position. So, they need proper maintenance else they may damage other parts of the engine too.


There are many strengths and a few issues with the BMW 850i Engine. But some issues can be resolved easily by detecting the car noises and its indications. BMW 850i is an old generation car. So it is nearly impossible to find a new engine now. But you can always buy Used BMW Engines even if it requires a little extra maintenance because of its old parts. Hope you find relevant information on the powerful 850i Engine.


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