Discount Tire Tpms Sensor Replacement Cost

Discount Tire Tpms Sensor Replacement Cost

Keeping proper tire inflation is most essential to the overall tire performance of a vehicle. A properly inflated tire provides longer life, quick response to steering, best fuel efficiency, and a comfortable ride. So it’s even more important to monitor the tire pressure with frequency for optimal performance. 

The sensor used for monitoring the tire pressure is known as Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS Sensor). Using it the tire pressure is checked in real-time resulting in a TPMS alert when under-inflated tires/tires are detected. In some cases, this sensor needs to be completely replaced due to various reasons. Before exploring the Discount Tire Tpms Sensor Replacement Cost let us first understand it along with its benefits. We will also explore the different types and ways of checking the TPMS sensors.

Table of Contents

  • Discount Tire Tpms Sensor And Its Benefits
  • Types of Discount Tire TPMS Sensors
  • Ways To Check The TPMS System
  • Signs Of Discount Tire Tpms Sensor Failure
  • Discount Tire Tpms Sensor Replacement Cost

Discount Tire Tpms Sensor And Its Benefits

Most of today’s vehicles come equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System sensor also called TPMS Sensor in short. The main function of the TPMS Sensor is to warn when the tire pressure is low through a display light. 

A yellow exclamation mark inside the cross-section of the tire signifies the TPMS symbol. When this alert is illuminated on the dashboard tire pressure needs to be checked immediately. A thorough inspection of the tire needs to be done for a puncture causing loss of air. TPMS needs to be relearned or might require a TPMS sensor replacement if the light continues to display after correcting the tire pressure. 

The main advantage of the TPMS sensor is that it helps in preventing the tires which have less pressure from growing into big problems. The TPMS sensors also help in keeping a check on the change in temperature which causes fluctuations in the pressure of the tire. So let us summarise the main benefits of the Discount tire tpms sensor.

The main benefits of Discount Tire Tpms Sensor are:

  • Timely detection of under-inflated tires 
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Increased tire life
  • Reduces accident risk
  • Proper tire performance

Let us now see the different tpms sensors available in the market so that we can decide which one suits best for our type of vehicle. This is an important step as finding out the different types of tpms sensors is critical to the proper choice of the tpms sensor.  You can also have a look at the major differences between auto body repair and auto repair.

Types of Discount Tire TPMS Sensors

There are many different types of TPMS sensors. Mainly two types of TPMS sensors are popular: Direct and Indirect TPMS Sensors. Each one of them is listed below for reference.

Direct TPMS Sensor: A direct TPMS setting gives a warning if the pressure of any tire is below a threshold level, usually 25% below the placard of the vehicle. Direct TPMS systems can easily indicate which tire is under-inflated and can help the driver in making an informed decision on the further course of action.

Indirect TPMS Sensor: In this type of setting a basic alert is given when the tire loses pressure. Indirect TPMS uses a vehicle’s ABS speed sensors for comparing the speeds of different tires. When the system determines that there is low pressure in a tire it will illuminate a dashboard light to alert you.

After discussing the different types of discount tire tpms sensors let us now see the different types of symptoms which basically tell when the sensor has actually failed and it might actually need to be replaced.

Signs Of Discount Tire Tpms Sensor Failure

There are different signs that indicate when the discount tire tpms sensor has failed and need replacement like:

  • Turning on too late after the tire pressure is underinflated 
  • Unable to detect gradual air loss
  • Unable to detect overinflated tires
  • Unable to point particular tire which is underinflated
  • Unable to turn on when TPMS does not transmit signal to the dash

As we have seen these are the symptoms that can be observed before a decision is made regarding the replacement of the discount tire tpms. Next, let us see how much exactly a tpms sensor replacement will actually cost.

Discount Tire TPMS Sensor Replacement Cost

Roughly speaking, the Discount Tire TPMS sensor replacement cost will be between $200 and $750. You don’t need to replace all TPMS sensors if only one of them has gone bad. However, in the case of a dead sensor battery, it’s likely that all other sensors will fail as well. This cost can vary based on different factors like the location and the labor cost too. 

Also, the type of sensor that needs to be installed along with the make model of the vehicle plays an important role in deciding the actual cost of replacement. TPMS batteries lifespan is around 7-8 years or 100,000 miles. Service of a TPMS sensor needs to be done every time a tire/wheel is serviced. Over the course of time, these components of the TPMS sensor can corrode, leak, or fail if timely maintenance is not completed.


To conclude we have discussed the Discount tire tpms sensor and what are its benefits in providing us an insight about the tire pressures and taking remedial action before it’s too late. We have also seen the different types of discount tire tpms sensor along with the different symptoms when it is clear that the sensor might be having problems. Lastly, we have also seen what exactly is the discount tire tpms sensor replacement cost. Also, you can have detailed information on the Honda Accord Rear Bumper Replacement CostFuel Pump Replacement CostClutch Replacement Cost, etc.

As the discount tire, TPMS is an important part of a vehicle and helps to drive safely but it’s essential to check the pressure in the tire when a TPMS light is seen. Also, the tire pressure needs to be checked regularly. Hope all this information has given full insight on the tpms sensor and costing of the same when there is no option but to replace the discount tire tpms sensor.

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