Chevy Replacement Key Cost

Chevy Replacement Key Cost: Complete Guide

In our day to day life, we know that there is one thing which happens very often and is the most head-aching problem. The key lost problem, which is literally a very tiring issue. Your vehicle’s key is one thing that can get lost even at the most uncertain place. And you know that without the keys neither you will be able to enter the car nor you can drive it. Although this problem can arise with any car, here we are elaborating on the Chevy car. In case, if you lost the keys to chevy cars, here is the information about Chevy Replacement Key Cost. Also if you want to buy a used Chevy LS used engine, here is the guide.

The Features of Chevy Key

Chevrolet Automobile Manufacturing company has evolved with their cars and engines. Also, their cars are now having all the modern technologies in them. That is why Chevy vehicles are one of the most chosen cars by the customers. They keep their eyes on small details in their cars. That is why they have given plenty of designer key options. Not only designers but also the Chevy Keys are now having modern technologies like BlueTooth lock etc. 

The Chevy keys now come in different variants with different technologies. Like Bluetooth, chevy keys also have transmitters, transponder chips. Chevy has also introduced a keyless entry in your car. You can get the exact same key by entering the VIN of the car.

Types of Chevy Keys

Stock Keys: 

The keys that Chevy Company has given are the basic keys if you want to take advance keys then you’ll have to order them from the company itself. The basic keys are only for opening doors and starting the car engine. Also, the cost of these keys is very low, though the first and an extra key comes with the car purchase. But if you lose both of them then replacing the key can cost you from $50-$100. Also, the cost can fluctuate on the basis of which key maker you are choosing and how complex your car key is! If you are a good talker and has a good relationship between you and your car dealer then, the dealer can provide you new basic car key for free. 

Transponder Chip Keys: 

Would you believe it if we tell you that this technology came in the late 90s, which is quite amusing, isn’t it? In this, the Chevy company has installed a chip in the car key, which emits signals. There is a single receiver on the other end which is in the ignition chamber. So when you turn the key to ignite the engine which emits the signal, if the ignition receiver receives the wrong signal your car will not start. This was actually a very feature in starting. Later the signals start deflecting from the right path because of the many magnetic waves in the environment. The transponder chevy replacement key cost will come around $150-$300, including the key fob.  

Switchblade or foldable Keys:

When these types of keys were launched, they were the coolest key ever made. Even now, these keys did not lose their craze among the audience. This Switchblade or foldable key is cool because there is a button on the key fob. When you want to have your key out, you just have to press the button on the key fob. Your chevy key will pop up out in style. The advantage of these keys is that the fob and key are purchasable separately. Both key and key fob together will cost you around $200-$300.

Keys with Laser-Cut

These are the rarest keys because of their designs. Also, a normal dealer or locksmith will not be able to make this type of key. These keys are specially carved with laser machines. Also, if you are a custom lover then, you can make your own customized laser-cut keys by paying some extra cash for them. The average cost of a laser-cut chevy replacement key cost comes around $200-$250. But if you are replacing your car keys with customizing key then, you will have to pay an extra $100 or more.

No-Keys entry in your Chevy Car

This is the coolest feature in the automobile manufacturing company history. There are two ways of having the key-less entry in your car. The first one is that you have a smart card which will work like car keys. All you have to do is to put the smart card, in front of a sensor in the car door. The car sensor will detect your smart card and if your using the right smart card then the car’s door will be unlocked.

The second way is the finger-print scanner, most of the automobile manufacturing company has now started installing fingerprint scanner in car doors. This feature is very cool and very safe because it is very difficult to override the default settings of the car. And only the owner’s finger will unlock the car. This feature also has solved the key lost issue, of course, you can’t lose your finger anywhere.

The average cost of replacing a keyless key is quite high, it can come around $300-$500. It depends upon what type of scanner you are using in your car.

Why Chevy Replacement Key is necessary?

Suppose if you lost your chevy keys or any other key or there is any technical issue in the fingerprint scanner or the smart card. You won’t be able to enter your car unless you tried some very unreal way of getting into the car. Like by breaking the window glasses, then you will have to pay for window replacement cost. Or you will have to visit an auto body repair shop for window repairing. Because you will not be able to start the engine without the keys. 

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