Clutch Replacement Costa

Clutch Replacement Cost

The lifespan of each part of a vehicle ends someday. Some have a long life and some have a very short contribution to the vehicle. The life of the parts depends on your usage type. If you’re using the vehicle roughly and not giving respect to your vehicle, then the vehicle will definitely won’t respect you back. The same happens with some most common parts like brakes and clutches. If you use these parts in the right way, it’ll last long. But eventually you’ll have to change it once their lifespan is complete. Let’s know about the clutch replacement cost, so that you don’t have to pay extra.

Clutches are the heart of the engine, without it the power distribution to all the wheels will be impossible. Your engine transmission won’t work properly if your vehicle’s clutch gets damaged. 

So, let’s discuss in detail about clutches.

Working Process of a Clutch

Before starting about the replacement cost of clutches, let’s know how the clutch works. The clutch is the first stage of the engine transmission. Only if the transmission is manual, automatic transmission doesn’t have a clutch system like manual transmission in it. Here’s the difference between a manual transmission and an automatic transmission. The function of the clutch is to deliver the power from engine to the gearbox. All of you know that while changing the gear you have to press the clutch, but do you know why? Because while shifting the gear, the transmission box exerts very high friction. If you change the gear without engaging the clutch then you may damage the transmission box too. The clutch helps to smooth that friction and when you disengage the clutch then it delivers back the thrust and power of transmission resumes itself. 

Components of the clutch

The latest models of the vehicles have 4 main components. These are:

  1. Clutch Plate: It is the first component, which faces the springs. The springs are located under the friction material plates. These springs actually smooths the clutch engagement. These springs are slightly waved or curved, which allows the friction material to bend inside during clutch engagement.
  2. Clutch Fork or Release fork: The release fork or clutch fork transfers the motion from the release mechanism to clutch cover and clutch bearing. There are two types of clutch fork, first is in which the fork goes through a hole of square shape in housing and pivots. And there is a round shaft in the other type of clutch fork.
  3. Clutch Bearing or Release Bearing: The main function of the clutch bearing is to reduce the friction between the clutch fork and pressure plates. It is like ball bearings and collar assembly.
  4. Clutch Cover: The clutch cover locks and unlocks the flywheel. It does the same thing with the clutch plate too. The clutch cover too has springs which expands and contracts while locking-unlocking process.  

Factors Affecting Clutch Replacement Cost

The factors that affect the cost of replacing a clutch are:

  • The model and type of the vehicle. If you’re having a high model or high maintenance vehicle, then obviously you’ll have to pay more than the usual cost of replacing a clutch.
  • The mechanic you’re visiting. If you’re going to a familiar mechanic, then it is okay. But if you’re choosing a new mechanic then you might need to pay extra. Because some mechanics cost gold to replace a clutch.
  • Whether you’re having an automatic clutch transmission or manual clutch transmission.
  • The quality of clutches you’re using. Different vehicles have different clutches but there are replicas and copy versions of these clutches are available. They are of very low cost but they are also very unsafe. As they were made of very thin metal or metal alloys which can get damage from the heat and continuous use of the clutch. Beware of these kinds of replicas in the market.
  • Whether you’re choosing used parts or new ones. The cost also depends on the part you’re using whether you’re choosing the used clutch parts or the new clutch parts. The used parts will cost you less in comparison with the new ones. 
  • The cost of replacement of extra parts with the clutch. If you ignore the damaged clutch for a long time then it also damages the other relevant parts of the clutch system. The other parts that get damaged are slave cylinders, master cylinders, torque converter clutch or transmission services

How Much Clutch Replacement Cost?

If we look at overall price rate for general and budget friendly genuine cost, that will be around $1200-$1500. But if you’re using a high maintenance car then your pocket has to be lighter, which means it’ll cost you more than usual. For some high end cars the figures can go from $2,500-$4,000. All these general expenses include labor and parts costs. The lifespan of a clutch is at least 50,000 miles but only if you do not drive so rough. But the modern day automobile companies are making clutches that last 80,000 miles to 100,000 miles, again only if you drive gently. For instance, for any BMW car you’ll have to pay more than $2,500 for clutch replacement. And for Ford cars the maximum amount that you’ve to pay will be about $1,200, that too for the Ford Mustang. You can see the difference between a low maintenance car and a high maintenance car.

Why is the clutch replacement important?

When your vehicle has a damaged clutch, then it can produce lots of unpleasant issues. And obviously you don’t want these issues while you’re driving. Some issue that come with damaged clutch are: 

Gears start slipping:- When you’ve a damaged clutch, the gears start slipping because of the inadequate amount of friction required. 

Always make sure to replace your clutch at the proper interval of time, so that you don’t damage the other parts.

Thank you for reading.

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