What is the Difference Between Auto Body Repair and Auto Repair?

Are you confused by the terms Auto Body Repair Shops and Auto Repair Shops? People generally assume these terms are the same but they are quite different. It depends on the problem with your car. Whether to take it to an automobile body repair shop or to an automobile repair shop. Wrong information about repair shops can lead you to waste both your money and time. 

Let’s have a look at the difference between them:-

Auto Body Repair 

If your car has any external damage, it needs to be repaired at the auto body shop. It is not an easy task to be able to get the original form of the car after a collision. Even a small hit can cause great damage to the whole body of the car and to its interior parts also.


  • Repairing of bonnet and bumper.
  • Replacement of doors and repairing of door dents.
  • Repairing of glass.
  • Removal of body scratches.
  • Painting of car body to restore the original color and texture. 

Auto Repair

Automobile repair shops are responsible to repair your car if there is any mechanical damage. Basically, any internal damage is thoroughly taken care of at automobile repair shops. As many internal parts of the cars are interlinked and complete evaluation is required to repair the car. 


  • Repairing of audio or video devices.
  • Automobile repair shops resolve camera-related issues.
  • Resolving wiring issues.
  • Replacement of breaks.
  • Resolving problems of other mechanical parts of the car.


The major difference between auto body repair and auto repair shops is that automobile repair shops basically work on the mechanical damaged parts. But body repair shops work on both the body as well as mechanical parts. So, if you have a car collision, either minor or major, take your car directly to a body repair shop.