Spark Plug Replacement Cost

Spark Plug Replacement Cost: Explained Information

Everyone needs some spark, whether it’s humans or vehicles. But is that necessary, what is it do? Well, we can’t say about humans, because they have a number of reasons but in vehicles, sparks are necessary to start the engine. There is a device in the engine which is called Spark Plugs. The spark plug gives spark to the combustion chamber to ignite the fuel. So if your vehicle’s spark plugs have some faults, then your car will not start. And you will have to go to your office by some other means of transport. In that case, here’s the detailed info about Spark Plug Replacement Cost.

Having an issue with the spark plugs are the most common problem, anyone can have this issue anytime. And this can happen in minimal ways you’ve expected, suppose if your vehicle is in your parking garage for more than 2 months. Then the spark plug can get carbonised and will block the ignition process of your engine. As a result, your car’s engine will not start. But this isn’t some big problem unless or until if you are doing some long drive trips and in the middle of the highway, your engine’s spark plug fails. Then you might be in some trouble. Let’s know about What is Spark Plugs? What is its function? And What will be the cost of replacing it?

What are Spark Plugs?

The spark plug is a very small device in the engine, which actually creates an artificial lightning bolt and send it to the combustion chamber. This artificial lightning bolt ignites the fuel and the fuel starts burning itself to produce power for the engine. This process is a one-time process. The spark plug produces a one-time lightning bolt that starts the engine and the job is done. The next time spark plug will produce the same intensity of lightning bolt when you turn off the engine and try to start it again. A single spark plug can produce a voltage in a range between 20,000 to 100,000 volts, which is quite amazing. Spark Plugs are like small packet big explosion devices. If you think that you can start your engine without spark plugs, then it is impossible.

If your car’s engine is good and working properly, then a spark plug can go around 20,000 to 30,000 miles.

Parts Inside A Spark Plug

If we tell you that this small device consists of 12 major parts, would you believe that? Yes, spark plugs have twelve different small parts inside them. Some major parts of a spark plug are the insulators, terminal, centre shaft, gasket, glass shell, resistor, etc.

Since most of these parts have to take high voltages and high temperatures, therefore the metals have high thermal resistant properties.

Indications for Spark Plug Replacement

Suppose the most important of your engine, which actually starts the engine, becomes faulty? Of course, you will not be able to start the engine. That is why we advise everyone to carry 1-2 extra spark plugs and also to be aware of how to self-replace the spark plugs. Here is the list of indications that you will notice when your car’s spark plug starts failing.

Engine Misfiring

The most exhausting issue is engine misfiring, which often occurs because of the problem in the ignition system. Sometimes it happens because of sensor faults ( in modern cars) but mostly when it happens because of the spark plugs. The damage in the wire of the spark plug or the head of the spark plug which connects the ignition coil and battery will make the engine misfire. You can notice this issue easily because your engine will start stumbling or the engine will start producing knocking sounds. Sometimes the engine misfiring also occurs because of the faulty ignition coil pack, make sure by reviewing it to any car repairing shop.

Trouble in starting the engine

The spark plugs also have a limited life span, after a specific time, it starts wearing off. To avoid this issue make sure to change the spark plug at a regular time period. If you are taking your vehicle to an auto body repair regular check-up then those mechanics will let you know the right time to replace the spark plugs. 

Rough Engine Sound

Sometimes a spark plug can also cause your engine to vibrate while accelerating. This happens when the cylinders inside the engine start misfiring because of the faulty spark plug. The engine starts producing sound as well as the engine vibration led to the vibration of the vehicle which is very uncomfortable. 

Low Fuel Economy

All issues mentioned above led to one common thing doesn’t matter what issue is coming after the spark plug issue. Your engine’s mileage will drop drastically because in the engine every part is directly proportional to the other. Hence, an issue in the spark plug can lead to many issues. So it is better not to ignore these problems, otherwise replacing spark plugs is not too costly but replacing other parts can be highly expensive and tiring as well.

Spark Plug Replacement Cost

Although spark plugs are a very tiny part of an engine, sometimes replacing them can be very tiring for some unprofessional mechanics. So it is better to visit some professional mechanics if you are visiting for spark plug replacement. Since the spark plugs don’t cost much, and also if your mechanic is good, then he will not take much time to replace the spark plug. But the cost of a spark plug replacement can fluctuate by various factors like the model and type of car you are using. Also, what quality of spark plug you are choosing to replace the old spark plug. Most often the mechanics are aware of how to replace the spark plug because this is a basic thing, but labour cost can also affect the total cost of spark plug replacement.

The average cost of spark plug replacement is from $100-$275, including labour cost. We can only decide the type of spark plug after reviewing your car’s engine. Because the number of cylinders in your car’s engine will decide the type of spark plug you’ll be using in your engine.

Always beware of the frauds, some mechanics install the old spark plug instead of the new one. That is why keep your eyes open while the mechanic will be replacing the spark plug.

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