How to Check Transmission Fluid

People usually don’t know what a transmission actually is. Transmission is nothing but a gearbox that fulfils the purpose of driving a vehicle by transferring electric energy into mechanical energy. The power produced in the engine helps to move the crankshaft that in turn leads to the movement of the wheels of a car. You know the most essential thing while purchasing a car is to know how important is the car maintenance.

Car maintenance includes engine maintenance, regularly checking of tire pressure, and checking of transmission fluid. Let’s discuss how to check Transmission fluid in detail.

What is a Transmission Fluid?

You must have heard that engine oil is necessary for lubrication purposes. So that no wear and tear of engine parts happens. Similarly, transmissions also require such oil which is known as the transmission fluid. It is very necessary to check the quality and level of the transmission fluid for the proper gear functioning.

Checking the Level of Transmission Fluid?

Whether the right amount of transmission fluid is present or not is checked by a dipstick. Firstly, start the engine, leave the car at neutral and take out the dipstick and clean it. Then again, insert it back to check the level of the transmission fluid. You can see the mark on the dipstick as low or full. So, you can get an idea whether the car requires transmission fluid or not.

Checking the Condition of Transmission Fluid?

The condition of the transmission fluid refers to whether the fluid needs replacement or not. So, to check its condition, drop some fluid on the white plane surface and check its colour. If the colour is reddish pink in colour, it means the condition of the fluid is absolutely fine. But if the colour of the fluid is brownish red, it indicates that the transmission fluid requires replacement. Also, there is a condition where the fluid is black or dark brown in colour which indicates the damage of internal components of a transmission that will cost some extra bucks.


The transmission fluid is very essential for the proper functioning of the Transmission. Also, there is a great importance of car engine and transmission cleaning. But sometimes you need to replace the whole transmission instead of replacing the fluid. So, either you can buy a new Transmission or you can purchase a Used Car Transmission. Obviously, the used transmission will cost you less. But it requires high maintenance. Also, it needs more consistent replacement of transmission fluid.

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