6.7 Powerstroke Turbo Replacement Cost

6.7 Powerstroke Turbo Replacement Cost

A turbo is used by car manufacturers in order to boost engine power. They are used to give the same power in smaller cars as in larger cars. Most of the manufacturers are now offering a turbocharged model. It means smaller engines can be provided for producing power output and also increasing fuel efficiency.  The 6.7 Powerstroke Turbo Replacement Cost engine employs a unique single sequential turbocharger (SST) featuring a compressor and single turbine setup on a common shaft. The unique exhaust flow design is said to increase the thermal efficiency of the turbocharger. There are times when the 6.7 Powerstroke Turbo needs to be replaced. Before we discuss the 6.7 Powerstroke Turbo Replacement Cost let us understand its working, common problems & symptoms.

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  • Working of a 6.7 Powerstroke Turbo
  • 6.7 Powerstroke Turbo Common Problems
  • Symptoms of 6.7 Powerstroke Turbo Failure
  • 6.7 Powerstroke Turbo Replacement Cost

Working of a 6.7 Powerstroke Turbo

Before discussing the functioning of a turbocharged engine let us understand the working of an engine. Basically, the engine of a vehicle is essential to generate power inside the combustion chamber that uses the air/fuel mixture. The power generated as a result is helpful to move the car with the help of transmission.

The turbocharged engine technology is used to improve the power and speed of a car. In a turbocharged engine, the exhaust gases eliminated after the combustion in the engine rotate the turbine that in turn rotates the air compressor. The air compressor releases extra oxygen inside the combustion chamber and improves the rate of combustion. In this way, the turbocharged engine generates more power and speeds up the car. 

Now that we have discussed the working of the 6.7 Powerstroke turbo let us see some common problems that are encountered while using it. You can also look at the differences between auto body repair and auto repair shops.

6.7 Powerstroke Turbo Common Problems

The 6.7L Powerstroke Turbo is a solid engine that is extremely durable and reliable with few problems only. Turbocharger failure can happen to the 6.7 Powerstroke. Some common problems found in 6.7 Powerstroke turbo are:

Fuel/Oil Leakage: The major issue with the 6.7 Powerstroke turbo is the leakage of engine oil. The major reason behind this issue is the excess heat and breaking of valves and pistons. There is also leakage of engine oil affecting the performance of the turbo engine requiring regular maintenance and repairs. 

Damage of Engine Components: Due to the high power generated by the turbo engine, there are several cases of damaged engine components. The leakage of car engine coolant from the coolant chamber generally leads to this issue as lack of coolant increases the temperature inside the engine and damages several parts including pistons, valves, etc.

Decrease in Fuel Economy and Efficiency: With the increase in power, the economy of the fuel reduces to some extent. Also, the consumption of fuel is high. It leads to the low overall performance of a car. The maintenance and its cost increase too.  

There are some symptoms of 6.7 Powerstroke turbo that are seen in the engine indicating that the time has come to replace it. Let us discuss these.

Symptoms of 6.7 Powerstroke Turbo Failure

There are multiple signals indicating that the turbocharger has failed:

Power Loss: When the car isn’t accelerating with the same power as it used to it is a sign that your turbo is failing. Also if a car struggles to maintain high speeds or isn’t able to reach the speeds it once could there may be a failure of turbo. 

Whining Engine: When there is a loud, whining noise it’s a symptom of turbo failure. As it gets more serious, the noise will get worse by the day. When there is continuous whining from the engine it’s an indication of replacement of the engine.

Discolored Exhaust Smoke: When there is oil leakage, blue/grey smoke is produced as it burns. This can be caused by a crack in the housing of turbo or even damaged seals. When this symptom is caused by a turbo these discolored fumes can be seen as the engine revs increase shortly after the idling process.

Check Engine Light Indication: Most cars are able to pick up faults with the turbo. The check engine light appears on the dash in order to notify the driver that there is some problem. 

We have discussed all symptoms of a troubled 6.7 Powerstroke turbo let’s look into the actual cost of replacement in case that is the only option left.

6.7 Powerstroke Turbo Replacement Cost

When any of the symptoms outlined above are spotted it’s an indication of turbo failure. An engine needs to be checked as soon as possible by a qualified technician. The longer it takes to address the problem the worse the problem will get.

The exact replacement depends on the generation of the 6.7L Powerstroke engine. However, turbo replacement often costs more than $2,000. The average 6.7 Powerstroke Turbo replacement cost is between $1,895 and $2,080. The Labor costs for the same can be between $350 and $450 whereas parts are priced at $1500. This range is excluding taxes and fees and also does not include the specific vehicle or unique location.

Turbochargers are extremely reliable. Less than 1% of inspections find a fault with turbo. Blown turbos are usually due to bad engine lubrication or the introduction of foreign objects problems. 


To conclude, car maintenance plays an important role in keeping the vehicle up and running at all times. When the engine is kept in check it will not only prevent your car from unavoidable issues but it will save a huge amount of money and time too. If you have a 6.7 Powerstroke Turbo and are planning to replace it then the information provided here will help you in making an informed decision. For detailed information about Choosing Best Car SpeakersTop 5 Best Sports CarsBest Affordable, and Cheapest Cars, etc, you can have an in-depth guide here.

Hopefully, you have found relevant information on the 6.7 Powerstroke Turbo Replacement Cost.

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