Honda Civic Rear Bumper Replacement Cost

Honda Civic Rear Bumper Replacement Cost – Step By Step Information

Nowadays, every car manufacturer company is focusing on the safety of the car driver and the passengers inside. Being one of the most reliable car manufacturers, Honda has built its reputation for decades. Honda has spent a huge amount of money on its R&D department to offer maximum safety to its customers. In most accident cases, it is found that either the cars struck from the front due to overspeeding or from the back due to sudden brakes applied. That’s why car manufacturers are using high-quality raw materials to manufacture front and rear bumpers. Here, we will discuss the Honda Civic Rear Bumper Replacement Cost and the factors that decide its cost.

Honda Civic comes with a luxurious exterior look and amazing features inside. Honda Civic is a sedan and its base model will cost you around $22000. You can buy the top model at the cost of $28000-$30000. The Civic has a strong exterior body with high-quality front and rear bumpers to protect you and your car from minor and major damages. 

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What are Rear Bumpers Made Of?

Why is Rear Bumper Necessary?

Factors affecting the cost of Rear Bumper Replacement 

Cost of Honda Civic Rear Bumper Replacement


What are Rear Bumpers Made Of?

The rear bumpers of the Honda Civic are made up of plastic components. Earlier, the bumpers were manufactured using metals. But nowadays, you will not see many metallic bumpers. There are several reasons behind it. First of all, metallic bumpers are more expensive than plastic bumpers. Secondly, the absorbing capacity of plastic is higher than metal. Lastly, the plastic is light in weight and helps to offer more speed and better fuel efficiency.

The interior of a bumper contains foam to minimize the impact of the damage. Minor damage on the rear bumper can be repaired easily using the Auto Body Repair Tools. But if the damage to the rear bumper is a major one, you have to replace the whole bumper. We will discuss in-depth the factors and the actual cost for its replacement in the later part.

Why is Rear Bumper Necessary?

As we have already mentioned that a car contains two bumpers. A front bumper to protect your car from damaging the front exterior and a rear bumper to protect your car from getting hit from behind. During the rainy seasons, the car can totally look like garbage without the bumpers. Both the bumpers are extremely required and have their own importance. Not only the rear bumper protects you and your car from the hit, but also provides a better look at the exterior of a car. 

Factors affecting the cost of Rear Bumper Replacement 

There are several factors that determine the actual cost of Rear Bumper Replacement of the Honda Civic. Let’s discuss a few of them.

Raw Material 

The major factor that affects the cost of the Rear Bumper replacement is the type and quality of material used for manufacturing the bumper. We have already discussed the types of raw materials used that are generally metal and plastic. The bumper of the Honda Civic is made up of plastic. But if you want to replace metallic bumpers, you can do that. But it will cost you a few extra dollars as compared to the plastic bumpers. 

Not only plastic, but rubber, and carbon Fibre are also mixed to manufacture the bumpers. The quality of plastic bumpers is much better and they are much more reliable than metallic bumpers.

Dealer Cost

This is another major factor that determines the Rear Bumper Replacement Cost for your Honda Civic. If you are looking for a high-quality and more reliable service, you can go for 2 options. The first and the best option is to contact the Honda dealer. Obviously, they will charge high and might take a little longer than you expected. But you will get the best service from them. 

The second reliable option is to contact aftermarket dealers. They will provide you cheap and fast service. But surely, you have to sacrifice the quality of the rear bumper for your Honda Civic.

Car Model

The model of the Honda Civic also determines the cost of the bumper. Honda Civic comes with several models. Each model has a different style and quality of bumper. Well, there is not much of a difference between them, but still, this is a factor considering the bumper cost.

Labour Cost 

The final factor that decides the cost of replacement of rear bumpers is the cost of labor. The labor cost depends on the skills and experience of the labor. Generally, the cost varies from $50-$80 per hour. 

Cost of Honda Civic Rear Bumper Replacement

Now let’s come back to the point and discuss the actual cost of the rear bumper for the Honda Civic. The cost of the rear bumper replacement ranges from $1000-$1600. It also includes the labor cost. Well, if you want to have rear bumpers replaced from the showroom itself, prepare yourself to spend around $1500-$1600. Also, you can save some extra money by doing labor work by yourself. It will definitely save you a few hundred dollars.


Honda Civic has provided a strong front and rear bumper. You should know that the bumpers are really an important component that protects your car from heavy damage. These few hundred-dollar bumpers can help you save thousands of dollars.

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Hopefully, you find relevant information on the Honda Civic Rear Bumper Replacement Cost.

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