Car Door Lock Replacement Cost

Car Door Lock Replacement Cost – Guide[2021]

The most important factor that automobile companies consider while manufacturing cars is the safety of car drivers and passengers from unavoidable accidents. But another major factor they consider is the safety of the car from the robbers or the thieves. Earlier, car manufacturers didn’t do much research on the manufacturing of car doors and door locks. This results in a rise in the cases of car stealing cases in the past decade. That’s why the car companies are spending a good amount on the research purpose for car door locks. Here, we will discuss the Car Door Lock Replacement Cost and the major factors that decide the cost of replacement for door locks. 

Table of Content

  • Car Door Lock and its Components 
  • Factors affecting the Cost of Car Door Lock Replacement
  • Car Door Lock Replacement Cost
  • Precautions for Long Life of a Car Door Lock
  • Conclusion

Car Door Lock and its Components 

Car Door Locks are an essential component with minimal maintenance required. If you have your own car, you too might have never taken much care about the door locks. Instead, there are several other components like engines, tires, and transmission that require high maintenance. Car Door Locks might require replacement in years. Well, it depends on several factors that we will discuss in the later section. 

So, firstly, let’s discuss the major components of a car door lock before discussing the cost of the door lock of a car.

Lock Keyhole

The Door Lock keyhole is a cylindrically shaped component that helps to open or close the car door by inserting the key inside. Sometimes, minor or major accidents lead to the damage of the keyhole and require replacement. 

Door Lock Switches

Another major component of a car door is the switches. It is a new technology to open a car door in comparison with a door lock knob. Earlier, the car door was opened by pushing the knob behind the handle of a door. But now, with modern technology, the car door is opened by just pressing a switch. 

Factors affecting the Cost of Car Door Lock Replacement

Like any other component replacement cost, there are several factors on which the cost of a car door lock depends. Here is a list of a few of the major factors.

Type of Door Lock

The first factor which decides the cost of replacement for a door lock is the type of car door lock. If the doors of a car have an automatic lock switch rather than a manual system, then the cost will be relatively high. Nowadays, maximum cars are manufactured with the automatic door switch.


If you are planning to replace your door lock, you must consider this as the most important factor regarding the cost. There are several options for replacement. The first one is to replace the door lock by contacting the brand dealer. Obviously, the charges for replacement will be high because they use original parts for your car door lock. Also, they offer high-quality and reliable service. 

The second option to replace the door lock is by taking your car to auto body repair shops or auto repair shops. They will charge comparatively less than the original dealer and it is a better and suitable option if you don’t want to spend much on the door lock. 

The third and the last option is to find a reliable auto locksmith. They will consume minimum time and also their service is cheap. But, it is better to contact an original dealer or repair shop for better service. But if you are only concerned about money, then surely an auto locksmith is a good option.

Brand Value 

The value of the car also decides the car door lock replacement cost. As you already know that the big brands like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc, provide you extra luxury, comfort, speed, and safety. And for the same reason, the cost of their accessories and components are very high. They use the best quality raw material to manufacture the components. That’s why the car door lock replacement cost is comparatively high for these big brands in comparison with the brands like Toyota, Chevrolet, etc.

Car Door Lock Replacement Cost

Well surely, till now, you have got an idea about the components of a door lock and about the several factors that affect the cost of a door lock replacement. Now, let’s discuss the actual cost of replacement. 

The car door lock replacement cost varies from $200-$600 for Toyota, Chevrolet, or any other moderate range cars. While the cost of door lock replacement for luxury cars ranges from $500-$800. The cost can rise up to $1000-$1200 depending on the type of lock and the dealer you choose as we discussed above. Remember, these prices are not fixed, but you can have an idea to replace the door lock according to your budget.

Precautions for Long Life of a Car Door Lock

If you have recently replaced your car door locks and you don’t want to spend extra money on the replacement of the door lock again, here is a list of precautions you can take.

  1. Gentle opening and closing of doors.
  2. Lubrication of components of a door lock.
  3. Avoiding the excess use of the automatic power lock.


You must understand one thing whether the issue is related to door locks, windshield, or any other major issue with engine or transmission, the maintenance of a car can avoid all these issues. Also, following the above-discussed precautions can save you some money. The car door lock is not a very expensive component but it still hurts to spend extra money on it. 

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Hope you find relevant information on the Car Door Lock Replacement Cost.

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