BMW 335i GT Engine

BMW 335i GT Engine

BMW acronym form of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, is just not a corporation. It is a family which came together in the year 1916 as the manufacturer of aircraft engines. Later on this company(family) starts producing automobile engines. And of course, because of their powerful and best engines, they soon became one of the best engine manufacturing companies in the world. Here we are going to discuss a little about the family and a lot about the BMW 335i GT Engine, which is one of the best engines from the production line of BMW.

The BMW 335i GT Engine is under the hood of BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo or F34. Here, GT is the acronym of Gran Turismo. The other engines of the same segment couldn’t beat the charm and beauty of GT. Although BMW 335i GT engine production continued for 3 years only. However, in that little time span, this engine surely left a mark in the market on the behalf of the BMW engine manufacturers. Let’s know in detail, and here know about the top 11 strongest engines of BMW.   

Information about BMW 335i GT Engine

The BMW 335i GT engine starts production in the year 2013 and ends in the year 2016. This engine was installed in F34. The model was a 3 Series. This engine is also popular as 335i 

(306 Hp). Surely you can guess by the name itself, how much power it produces. The architecture of the engine is Internal Combustion Engine. These types of engines are heat engines, in which the combustion occurs with the help of an oxidizer. Since there is an internal combustion engine which results in low fuel consumption, high thermal efficiency and smaller heat loss.

Specifications of BMW 335i GT Engine

This engine has the fuel consumption or economy of 11.3l/100km or 20.82 US mpg or 25 UK mpg in urban areas and in extra-urban areas the fuel consumption is 6.2l/100km or 37.94 US mpg or 45.56 UK mpg. And if we look at the combined fuel economy of the engine that is 8.1l/100km or 29.04 US mpg or 34.87 UK mpg. The CO2 emissions meter is 188 g/km.

The fuel type suitable for this engine is petrol (gasoline). If we talk about the engine acceleration with the body of F34 ( the model of the car in which this engine is installed), then the engine accelerates from 0-100 km/h in just 5.7 sec. The maximum speed of the car goes up to a maximum speed of 250 km/h that is 155.34 mph. The emission standard used in the engine is Euro 5. However, the weight-to-power ratio is only 5.4kg/Hp or 186.6 Hp/tonne, which is quite impressive for this segment of the engine.

Configuration of BMW 335i GT Engine

Engines like the BMW 335i GT are compact and efficient but still producing the maximum power of 306 hp @ 5800 rpm is quite impressive. If we look at the power production in a litre, the BMW 335i GT engine hits the mark of 102.7 Hp/l. The maximum torque generated by this engine is 400 Nm @ 1200-5000 rpm, which is also a good mark. The location of the engine in the model is front and longitudinal position.

The model of the engine is N55B30 which has a displacement of 2979 cm cu. The number of cylinders in N55B30 is 6 and they are in inline position. The benefits of 6-inline cylinders are that it is of simple design and has very little vibration compared to other engines. Even, these types of engines sound better. The coolant capacity of this engine is from 6.7-7.1 l or 7.08 – 7.5 US qt or 5.9 – 6.25 UK qt. The aspiration of the engine is an intercooler twin-power turbo, which is quite impressive. 

The cylinder bore capacity of the engine is 84 mm or 3.31 in. And, the piston stroke capacity of 89.6 mm or 3.53 in. And last but not least the compression ratio of the engine is 10.2.

Power Output List

  • 225kW or 306 HP @ 5,800- 6,000 rpm
  • 235kW or 320 HP @ 5,800- 6,000 rpm
  • 240kW or 326 HP @ 5,800- 6,000 rpm
  • 250kW or 340 HP @ 5,800- 6,000 rpm

Torque Output List

  • 400 Nm or 295 lb.ft at 1,200-5,000 rpm
  • 450 Nm or 332 lb.ft at 1,300-4,500 rpm

Issues in the engine

How refined an engine can be but it has technical and moving parts, so it’s obvious that the engine may do trouble. Let’s see what engine problems this BMW 335i GT engine might have. 

  • Sometimes there might be some problem with the valve cover or in oil leakage from the valve cover. That happens because of the material used as the valve cover. The material in the valve cover is rubber and that destroys with a period of time because of the frequent increase and decrease in the temperature of the engine.
  • Another issue that is most common in a 6-inline cylinder is High-Pressure Fuel Pump Failure. The main job of fuel pumps is to pump the fuel to the fuel injectors from the gas tank. But the issue was solved by BMW in 2011. 

Apart from a few minor issues, which can be solved with proper guidance this engine is worth every penny. The base of this engine is perfect for future tuning. Do you know that just by installing the BMS JB4 Stage 2 firmware with the downpipes, the motor’s power output can be increased to 360 hp? Just like that, you can also know the specifications of engines BMW like the BMW Z3 engines, the BMW M2 engines or the BMW i8 Specifications. BMW is all over the engine world. 

If we ignore a few faults, which are negligible by default, then the BMW 335i GT engine is perfect for money investment. Although everyone knows the trust and reliability of the BMW.

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