BMW 323i Engine

BMW 323i Engine- Full information

The BMW 323i Engine has become the best E21 model after its announcement in 1977. It has a 2.5-liter petrol engine with a six-cylinder inline engine. Which provides the car with an excellent and refined performance as much as the car can get. This engine can generate a maximum power of 174hp with a torque-speed of 170 lb-ft. The car comes standard with a six-speed manual transmission which further enhances the performance of the car. The car’s cabin is free from any extra sound very well. Also, you will not have to bear any extra noise in most of the driving conditions. The car feels as comfortable and luxurious as you can aspect from a luxury brand. The BMW 323i has a combined and average fuel consumption of 23MPG.

 The 323i also handles very well and its steering is very responsive and crispy. When you increase the speed of the car it will start feeling more delight and obedient.  

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  • Specifications of BMW 323i engine
  • Maintenance cost of BMW 323i 
  • Problems with BMW 323i  
  • Fuel economy of BMW 323i 
  • Conclusion  

Specifications of BMW 323i engine

The BMW E46 3series has a six-cylinder inline engine. Its petrol engine has enough power that the car can reach a maximum speed of 231km/hour. The car can also gain an acceleration of  100km/hr from zero in just 8seconds. Below are some of the specifications of the engine.

  • Engine Type – six-cylinder inline engine with 24 valve
  • Fuel type – Petrol
  • Engine Alignment – longitude
  • Engine size – 152.2 cu-in or 2494 cm3
  • Fuel system – MPI (Multi-point injection)
  • Transmission Gearbox – 5-speed manual transmission
  • Maximum power – 168bhp or 170ps with RPM rate of 5500
  • Maximum torque – 180lb-ft or 245NM with RPM rate of 3500

 Maintenance cost of BMW 323i 

The cost of maintaining a BMW for its higher-end model varies very differently with respect to its condition, age, and model number. The higher performance engine requires more labor and parts to maintain but it depends on the variant that you are using. Irrespective of the engine type and year you should regularly maintain your BMW. In a normal situation, you must service your BMW every 10,000 miles or at least once a year. The estimated cost to maintain 323i is in the range between $95 and $2036 with averaging about $301. These are varied because of their year and the model. Also, your vehicle needs servicing for Alternator repair, brake pad replacement, fuel pump replacement, and fuel injector replacement, etc.

Problems with BMW 323i   

The engine has more common problems other than these, the car is really fun to drive and reliable. There is also a common issue with the window regulator because of which it can not roll up or down. Also, there are a lot of other problems that exist in the engine but are not mentioned below.

Hydraulic Valve adjustment 

This is a very common issue in higher-end cars in which the driver feels a rattling noise from the engine. This mostly happens in the winter season or on short trips. The noise comes because of the hydraulic valve adjusters which do not get enough oil to function smoothly. The noise is not definitely harmful to the engine but irritates the driver. The lifters are not able to get sufficient amounts of oil because of their poor design in lifters and cylinder heads. This type of problem is very common in the models before 2008. As the design for the lifters and cylinder head changed in 2008. 

Oil leaks from Engine

It is somewhat similar to the Valve cover gasket deterioration with the passage of time. This is also a frequently happening criterion with the oil filter.  The gasket seals the oil filter which connects with the cylinder head and engine. However, the oil leak is a serious issue but the oil filter leak is the most serious of all. This is capable of destroying your whole engine compartment if ignored. If there is enough leak in your engine, then oil sweeps down to the serpentine belt and covers it with oil. Then the belt will slip and go to the timing cover which will chew it up. After which the pieces of the belt will go into the engine and hence damage or destroy it.

Fuel economy of BMW 323i Engine     

The BMW 323i comes in different variants and models as well as its body type. It has a starting fuel consumption rate of 9.1L/100km for the sedan pulp version. The 2012 wagon has a fuel economy of about 9.2L/100km and has a 6-speed automatic transmission. However, for the 2010 coupe, the fuel economy is somewhat lower at 8.4L/100km with a 2.5-liter engine and 6-speed automatic transmission. The wagon 2009 model has a slightly lower economy than 2012 that is 8.9L/100km with the same transmission and engine type that is 2.5L. 


The BMW 3 series is known for its easy handling, comfortable ride with its grip on the road. The fuel economy of the 323i is 9litre/100km, which is 31mpg in the UK and 26mpg in the USA. It can reach a speed of 100km/hour from zero in just about 8.0 seconds. The top speed of the 323i is 231km/hr. BMW 323i Engine is a naturally aspirated six-cylinder inline engine. Which can generate a power of 169 bhp or 125KW with an rpm rate of 5500. It can also generate a maximum torque of 245NM with an rpm rate of 3500. It comes standard with a rear-wheel drive and a five-speed manual transmission. 


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