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Chevrolet VIN Number – Full Information

All automotive markets around the world sell Chevrolet vehicles. There are some unique features of each of these vehicles. Every Chevrolet vehicle has its own number called a Vehicle Identification Number(VIN). A Chevrolet VIN number can give a lot of information. It can give details like the car’s registration, type of title, and insurance claim on the vehicle. VIN contains important information about the car like production year, engine type, model, etc. 

There is a global format for VIN numbers. All manufacturers mark all their vehicles in this format. Many service providers help in checking the validity of the car on almost any Chevrolet VIN number. Also, the VIN number makes it easy to search for Chevrolet car parts and check the car’s history. Let us explore more about it to have a better understanding. 

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  • Chevrolet VIN Number and Its Importance
  • Parts of the Chevrolet VIN Number
  • Ways to find Chevrolet VIN Number
  • Uses of Chevrolet VIN Number

Chevrolet VIN Number and Its Importance

A Chevrolet Vehicle Identification Number(VIN), is a unique serial number for identifying motor vehicles. Each part of the VIN gives specific information about the vehicle, year of manufacture, and model. The car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) is the identification code for a particular vehicle. Through this VIN full information of the Chevrolet, the vehicle can be obtained for different purposes. We will discuss the various uses of VIN in a later part.

The Chevrolet VIN number is important from every perspective. The VIN is like the fingerprint of a car. There can be no two vehicles having the same VIN. As it’s a unique number for every vehicle so it becomes easier for manufacturers to track each of its cars.  There are 17 characters included in VIN which act as a single identifier for the car. A VIN shows the car’s features and specifications. Tracking recalls warranty claims, thefts along insurance coverage can be tracked using the VIN. Let us now understand the different parts of the VIN Number so that we can interpret it easily whenever required.

Parts of the Chevrolet VIN Number

A lot of information can be obtained about a vehicle with the VIN without even seeing the car. The composition of VIN is as follows:

World Manufacturer Identifier

The first three digits of the VIN detail the manufacturer and origin country. This is also called the world manufacturer identifier(WMI).

Vehicle Descriptor Section

Digits four to nine are the vehicle description section(VDS). This explains car line, body type,  transmission/ engine information. The ninth digit is a secret digit used by the Department of Transportation of the US for finding invalid VINs.

Vehicle Identifier Section

Digits ten to seventeen are called the Vehicle identifier section(VIS). Digit ten tells about the year of manufacture. It is used by the manufacturer to identify the individual vehicle. This can include information on engine and transmission choices.

Model year encoding

The remaining digits indicate the location of the plant assembly and the assembly line production sequence. The year code of VIN can be the year of the building of the vehicle or a year allocated by the manufacturer. 

So these are all the parts of the VIN Number. Knowing just about the different parts is not enough. We also need to know how we can find the Chevrolet VIN Number in our vehicle when we need it. 

Ways to find VIN Number

The VIN is marked in multiple locations. It can be found in places like:

  • The Front end of the vehicle frame
  • Under the bonnet next to the latch
  • Inside the door pillar 
  • Lower corner of the windshield

Barcode scanners can also read the VINs. Latest smartphone applications can pass the VIN to websites for decoding it. Make sure that at least two of these locations verify the vehicle’s VIN. 

Now that we have seen the ways of finding the VIN number let us discuss some important uses of the same.

Uses of Chevrolet VIN Number

There are different ways in which the Chevrolet VIN Number can be useful. Some of them are:

  • For registering and inspecting the vehicle
  • Keeping track of service records and accidents
  • Getting the correct parts for your car at the time of repair 
  • By the government to track cars for registration, theft prevention, and theft recovery
  • By banks, insurance companies to keep track of the history of a vehicle

In addition to all the above VIN Number is used to pull VHR or Car Background Sheets. You will get all the information of the owner of the car through the VIN checker whenever buying a second-hand car.

Also, we can have all the particulars of the former owners of the vehicle while purchasing a used car. In addition, it can be easily found whether a car was ever in an accident or flood damage. You can still use the VIN to obtain full information about the vehicle. If your car gets damaged, it is still important to keep a record of your VIN. 

So these are some major uses where the VIN number plays an important role. As it is so useful it becomes even more important to have full information about it.


To conclude, the Chevrolet VIN Number plays an important role in getting all the information related to the vehicle from anywhere. By having all the information related to VIN Number you can use it whenever required. Whether you are planning to get a used car or any repair part for your vehicle then the information provided here will help you in making an informed decision. You can also read Chevrolet Cruze 1.4 Turbo Issues, Chevrolet Camaro Engine, Chevrolet Blazer Engine, Chevrolet Aveo Engine.

To sum it up, the Chevrolet VIN Number single-handedly provides all information to anyone requiring it. Not only it helps the owner and potential buyers of used cars but also the government, bankers, etc. for getting all details of the vehicle. Hope there is relevant information that you found here.

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