Hyundai Elantra Brakes Replacement Cost

Hyundai Elantra Brakes Replacement Cost – Detailed Guide

Many automobile companies have revealed their actual strength in the past two decades. One of such brands is Hyundai. Hyundai has captured a majority of the market with its moderate range of luxury cars. An amazing exterior look, interior accessories, and powerful engines have made Hyundai extremely popular. The reason behind their massive success is that they have taken care of every aspect possible to provide you maximum safety. Huge money is spent by Hyundai to test their braking system to avoid any damage to you and your car. Here, we will discuss the Hyundai Elantra Brakes Replacement Cost in detail. 

Hyundai Elantra is a powerful compact car that can cost you around $20000-$25000. Before discussing the actual cost of the Brakes Replacement of Elantra, we will discuss the components of brakes and the factors that decide the cost of the brake replacement. 

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Components of Braking System and their Importance

Why Brakes Requires Replacement

Factors affecting the Cost of Replacement of Brakes

Cost of Brakes Replacement for Hyundai Elantra


Components of Braking System and their Importance

There is nothing to discuss how important the brakes are. But before knowing the cost of the replacement of brakes, you must know about its components. As sometimes, it is not necessary to replace the whole braking system. Except, there is some issue with a particular component of the braking system. So, let’s discuss some major components of the braking system and their importance.

Braking Rotors

Rotors are the disc-shaped component that helps to produce friction with the help of brake pads to convert kinetic energy into thermal energy. It helps to slow down the vehicle and stop.

Brake Pads

These pads are used to squeeze the rotor to slow down the speed through friction. There are several types of brake pads available like metallic, organic, or ceramic. 

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Brake Pads Replacement Cost

Master Cylinder

The Master Cylinder consists of a piston that is pressed while pressing the brake pedal. The piston helps to generate hydraulic pressure and presses the brake pads to squeeze on rotors. This is the basic functioning of the braking system. 

Brakes Pedal

On the right side of the clutch, the brake pedal is the only part of the braking system visible to your naked eyes. Other components are the interior components of a braking system. When you press the pedal, other components also become active and help to slow down the vehicle.

Why Brakes Requires Replacement

The braking system has several components discussed above. Malfunctioning any of the components can lead to brake failure. It is very essential to check and maintain the braking system of a vehicle. Here are several major reasons that lead to the replacement of brakes.


Overheating is the most basic reason behind the replacement of the brakes. While converting kinetic energy into thermal energy, the excess temperature may lead to the damage of brake pads or the rotor. 

Wiring Issues

Loose connections or other wiring issues can generate spark and can also lead to the components of a brake to damage. But it is not a major issue to deal with as there are a few cases for replacement of brakes due to wiring issues. 

Damaged Brakes Pad or Rotor

Excess and rough use of the Brake Pedal can lead to the damage of pads as well as a rotor. Also, water and dirt can cause several issues with brakes too. So, avoid unnecessary use of brakes, press brakes in a gentle way, and maintain your car well.

Factors affecting the Cost of Replacement of Brakes

There are several major factors that affect the cost of the replacement of the brakes for Hyundai Elantra. Let’s discuss some factors in detail.

Type of Braking System

There are several types of braking systems. You must have heard about Disc Brakes, Emergency brakes, and Anti-Lock Brakes. The cost of brakes majorly depends on the type of brakes you want to replace.


If you want a more reliable option for the replacement of the brakes, you can take your car to the Hyundai service station. Obviously, they will charge more but they will provide you with the best service. The components used in the braking system will be similar to that of the original ones. 

Another option for the brake replacement of Elantra is by taking your car to the auto repair shops. They will charge less but the quality of the components will not be that good. But if you are looking for a cheap option, it will definitely save you some bucks.

Cost of Brakes Replacement for Hyundai Elantra

Till now, you must have got an idea about the important factors that determine the cost of brake replacement for Hyundai Elantra. Well, replacing the whole braking system in your Elantra can cost you around $1000-$1200. For the brake pads, the replacement cost is around $300-$400. While for the rotor replacement, the cost is around $600-$1000. So, in total, it is roughly around $1000. But for labor charges, wirings, and other components, the whole kit can cost you roughly around $1000-$1200.


Hyundai Elantra is a sedan car with a beautiful exterior body and amazing features inside. But you must know how important your car maintenance is. It will not only save you some extra dollars but also it will save your life from unavoidable mishappenings. So, you should not only check your car braking system but you should also check car tire pressure, power steering fluid leaks, etc.

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Hope you find relevant information on the Hyundai Elantra Brakes Replacement Cost.

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