Rear Bumper Cover Replacement Cost

Rear Bumper Cover Replacement Cost: Complete Information

Car manufacturing companies are evolving day by day. Whether it’s about the safety purpose or in the technology purpose, they are featuring something new every day. Just like that, they have also gained new progress in the bumpers of the car. The bumpers, both rear, and front are the first objects to take the hit of an accident. And it gets damages more often, that is why here we will know about the rear bumper cover replacement cost. Because obviously nobody wants to compromise with the safety guidelines.

If you look at the older car bumpers they are made of iron. They were good but not the best, they can stop the hit from the object. However, the amount of force that a car experiences because of the iron bumpers was very high. Because of which the passengers sitting inside the car feel a sudden force too. The other drawback of an iron bumper is that because it’s heavyweight. The iron bumpers slow down the car and it also affects the performance of the cars.

That is why later the automobile companies develop more advance and efficient bumpers for the car. Later on, the manufacturers have started using carbon fiber bumpers, which are lighter and cheaper. And also, it absorbs most of the collision force in it, saving the passenger’s neck and body from a sudden force. For making it more reliable, the automobile manufacturing companies started adding covers to the bumpers. The two main reasons for that are, first, it helps bumpers to look cooler and the other is that it is the support system for many accessories. For instance, tail lights, license plates, etc.

What are bumper covers?

Bumper Covers are the showpiece material for the bumpers. They are made up of very light materials, like carbon fibers, polycarbonate, and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. These are one of the lightest materials on the earth, including strength. These materials have the capacity to absorb the 30% of the force of the collision hit. Because there is a layer of Styrofoam which is known for its lightweight and force-absorbing property. That is why it is recommended always to keep bumpers and bumper covers good and undamaged.

Why bumper cover replacement is necessary?

Traveling with a damaged rear bumper is not a good gesture of safety measures. The bumpers are the most important part of a vehicle. Rather than making a vehicle look cool, it also protects the vehicle from any scratches and dents. Now you’re thinking how can it protect from scratches and dents? 

Well, if you’re an amateur and you’re parking your vehicle, then the first hit by the vehicle will be taken by the bumpers and bumper covers. That is why the bumper covers become scratchy and unpleasant more often. It is necessary to car maintenance on time and to keep your vehicle look cool and neat and clean of scratches and dents. 

Sometimes a loose bumper cover also produces knocking sounds in the car. And we bet you will not like that. Because of the loose bumper cover vibration, your car will vibrate while accelerating. This is why bumper cover replacement is necessary.

Below are some factors because of which replacement of rear bumpers is necessary:

Damage Intensity:

Sometimes the bumpers are repairable but those repaired bumpers have low reliability. Because in the first collision the hit absorbing layer of foam becomes weak. Also, if the damage on the bumper covers is beyond repair then replacement of the rear bumper cover is necessary. You can use auto body repair tools to remove small scratches but if the damage is to a larger extent then you probably should visit the shop.

Paint Fades:

Sometimes the paint on the bumper covers starts fading with time. If you try to paint the faded part of the bumper cover, then it might remain noticeable. That looks awful. That is why replacing the bumper covers is the best idea to keep yourself from being embarrassed in the public. Nobody likes the old patch and new patch of the paint to be recognizable on their vehicle.

Rear Bumper Cover Replacement Cost

There are various aspects of replacing a rear bumper cover. Let’s have a look at it.

Parts for replacing:

The major cost fluctuation comes while choosing the right bumper covers for the car. This is because there are various types of bumper covers in the market. If you are choosing some cheap, it has its own advantage and disadvantages. And the same goes for the high-cost bumper covers. And if you are thinking that what is the difference in these bumper covers other than the prices? Then, the cheaper rear bumper covers will of course make your pocket happy but, when it comes to durability and reliability. You can’t be fully reliable on the cheaper products. Because the foam layers under the bumper covers are duplicates of the original foam. That meant the safety guarantee in the cheaper products is very less.

Meanwhile, the costlier products will cost your pocket some extra cash but they are reliable. That is why it is always recommended to choose the better parts for your vehicle when it comes to the safety of you and your family and friends.  

Labor Cost of replacing the rear bumper cover

This is also a very amount fluctuating term because while replacing the rear bumper covers the labor has too many things. The mechanic first has to take out all the accessories on the old bumper. Also, the mechanic takes out the rear bumper cover very carefully. With modern cars, the accessories are becoming more complex and complicated. The rear bumper covers now have modern sensors and cameras. Because of which replacing the rear bumper cover now takes more time. Also, choose labor who is more professionally perfect in their work. Because the amateur mechanics will only increase your time and money as well. All these works can take a time of about 8-9 hours. And according to the charges of labor, your total amount will be decided. 

The Final Rear Bumper Cover Replacement Cost

The average cost for the parts can come around $120-$400. And the average labor cost will be around $100-$200. Hence, the total cost of replacing a rear bumper will be around $220-$600. But if you own some high-maintenance cars or some supercar, then the cost will go much higher than the estimated one.

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