Engine Replacement Cost

The automotive industry is one of the fastest-growing markets. Adding new technologies every day, automobile companies have developed like never before. The most important thing that these automobile companies consider is the manufacturing of powerful and reliable engines. A massive amount is spent on the research part for the engine development. Here, we will discuss the Engine Replacement Cost that depends on several factors including the size of the engine, labor cost at repair shops, engine complexity, and many more. 

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Why Engine Replacement?

Factors for Engine Replacement Cost 

Engine Replacement Cost


Why Engine Replacement?

The engine is a very complex part fitted inside the car. There are several reasons that lead to the replacement of the engine. Let’s discuss some main reasons before moving to the cost of the engine replacement.

Damaged Engine Parts

Car Engines are manufactured to withstand very high temperatures and pressure. The engine of the car produces power by undergoing a combustion process inside the combustion chamber. The combustion requires a fuel/water mixture and it leads to the extreme temperature inside to generate power. Due to this, the interior parts of the engine damages. Not only it affects the performance of the engine. Also, it leads to engine failure sometimes and requires the replacement of the engine.

Excess Heat Due To Lack of Coolant

Another reason why engines require replacement is the lack of Car Engine Coolant or its low quality. It leads to excess heat inside the combustion chamber and damages the engine even if it is manufactured to tolerate high heat. It is one of the main reasons behind engine replacement. You can prevent your engine from damaging by adding high-quality engine coolant and in a proportion of 1:1 with distilled water.

Avoiding Engine Maintenance Work

The most important thing you shouldn’t avoid is the maintenance of a car. Maintenance of a car includes cleaning of engine and transmissions, checking car tire pressure, proper oiling, etc. But avoiding engine maintenance is one of the biggest issues and can lead you to spend a huge amount on engine replacement. 

Factors for Engine Replacement Cost 

Engine replacement cost depends on many factors as we discuss in the beginning. But let’s see some major factors in detail.


The size of the block is directly proportional to the cost of the engine. Small block-size engines are cheaply available while large block-size engines are comparatively higher in price. 

V4, V6, V8, and V10 Engine

There is a much difference in prices in 4 Cylinders, 6 Cylinders, 8 Cylinders, and 10 Cylinders Piston Engines. The manufacturing cost of the engine increases to improve the output power of the engine. So, the prices of V10 Engines are comparatively high.

Modern Engine or Older Engine 

Modern Engines are obviously expensive than Older Engines because new updated technology is being used inside the engines. But some older engine models are very expensive due to lack of availability. Modern Car Engines Vs Older Car Engines is always a debate as some people still prefer the use of older engines over the new ones even if they need to spend some extra bucks.

New Engine or Re-Manufactured Engine

It is the most important factor that decides the cost of the replaced engine. Whether you are buying a new engine directly from the warehouse or you are purchasing a re-manufactured engine. Obviously, the new engine will have very high efficiency, power, and fuel economy. Whereas the re-manufactured engine will lack efficiency and also requires more maintenance work. 

So, in all, new engines are expensive to purchase while maintenance cost for them is less in comparison with the re-manufactured engine.

Engine Replacement Cost 

Now, let’s get to the main point and discuss the actual cost required for the Engine Replacement. Here are the prices for new engines and Used engines.

New Engine Dealership Price

The base price for the new V4 Engine is somewhere around $4000-$5000. The base price for the new V6 Engine is around $5000-$6000. While the price of a new V8 Engine varies from $7000-$8000. These are the base prices. If you want to install a performance engine for your luxury cars then it may costs you double.

Used Engine Replacement Price

The price of Used Engines varies from engine to engine. For V4, V6, V8, or V10, prices are different for all models. Similarly, prices vary for small and large block engines. Generally, you can buy used engines from $500 to $1000.  But it requires extra maintenance charges as engine parts are very old and they may need frequent repairing.

Rebuilt Engine Price

If you are looking for an option between a new engine and the used engine, you can buy a rebuilt engine. Rebuilt engines have totally new engine parts like pistons, gaskets, valves, etc. The cost of the rebuilt engine is around $3000-$4000. Also, it has a better warranty than the used engines and requires fewer maintenance charges.

Labour Cost

If you are planning to buy a Used engine or the rebuilt engine, you need to add the cost of labour too. It is around $60-$80 depending on the repair shops. It is just an extra cost you should consider while analyzing your budget for an engine replacement.


There are various factors that need to be considered before replacing an engine. The above-mentioned factors surely add up to the Engine Replacement Cost. But there are several more factors for high-performance engines. If you are planning to add upgrades to your car engine, it will add a few hundred dollars. 

So, it’s up to you whether you want to buy a Used Engine, a new engine, or a rebuilt engine. Each has some benefits and limitations. But if you want a high-power engine with very well efficiency, buy a new engine even if it is expensive.

This is all from this guide to Engine Replacement Cost.

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