Tools And Types Of Equipment For Auto Body Repair

Tools and Types of Equipment for Auto Body Repair

The automobile industry is one of the most growing industries in the 21st century. Due to the large demand and supply, the manufacturers are producing large quantities of tools and equipment for Auto Body Repair.

With an upgrade in technology, modern concept cars have totally complex the procedure for automobile repair shops. Advanced tools are in high demand due to technology upgrades. Auto body repair is not a simple task and requires great knowledge and experience. Sometimes, it can take several hours to remove a small dent if you didn’t have the right tools and equipment. 

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  • What actually is Auto Body Repair?
  • Why Auto Body Repair Tools are Important?
  • Essential Tools For Automobile Body Repair
  • Conclusion

Let’s have a look at the actual meaning of auto body repair, why it is so important for automobile repair shops, and the required tools for body repair of a car.

What actually is Auto Body Repair?

Automobile body repair is the process to restore the damaged body part of the car. You should also be aware that there is a difference between auto body repair and auto repair of a car. Different tools and types of equipment are required for body repair and repairing of mechanical parts of the car. Here, we will discuss only the tools required for repairing the body of a car.

Why Auto Body Repair Tools are Important?

Have you wondered why auto body work is so expensive? The main reason for body work to be expensive is that tools and machines used by the repair shops are costly enough. It also requires high skill to use the equipment in the right manner. Using the wrong tool can take forever to restore the damaged part. So, it is very important to have all kinds of tools and their knowledge before you start repairing the auto body.

Essential Tools For Automobile Body Repair

Your Repairing kit for Body work must consist of several tools. Some of the tools required are following:-

Automobile Body Hammer and Dolly 

Car repair shops use Body Hammer as their most basic tool. Dolly set and hammers are essential to remove body dents and to restore the shape of the car. It costs you a few hundred bucks. But it is worth buying because of its high durability.

Body Paint Gun

Whenever you have massive or minor damage to your car, the most important thing you expect from the repair shops is the clean finishing of the body. Body Paint Gun is the best equipment to provide finishing after removing scratches from the body. 

There are various types of paint gun ranges from few hundred bucks to thousands of dollars. It depends on the quality of the spray gun. It is among the most necessary tool to consider in the repairing kit.

Auto Body Dent Pullers

To remove Minor Dents from the car, car repair shop owners use Dent Pullers. There are two types of body dent pullers, Suction Dent Puller and Glue Dent Puller. 

As the name says, a Suction dent puller uses suction to remove dents. While glue dent puller functions by using the screw attached with the glued plate. The handle is twisted away from the car body to remove the dents. It requires skill to use this tool otherwise the dent may get worse. Major dents are not removed by these tools. Heavy dents require advanced tools and excellent skills.

Angle Grinder

The exact shape of the auto body can be restored by this multi-tasking tool. It also helps in grinding metals, polishing, and finishing the body work. If you haven’t heard about the angle grinder tool, you must have heard about the side grinder or the disc grinder. These are the alternate names for angle grinders. 

Sanding Board

A sandboard is very useful before starting the painting or polishing work. Sand paper is attached to the board and the process is initiated to smooth the surface and to remove the imperfections. So, the new paint can stick well on the car body.


These are some basic auto body repair tools and equipment that are essential in a repair kit. There are some other necessary tools too like glass repair tools and diagnostic tools. Each tool comes in different ranges depending on the quality and features offered by them. Be sure to check out Sheen Group for more information about car towing services

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