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BMW 435i Engine​ – Full information

BMW 435i is a wonderful car and will also not disappoint the driver with its driving experience. While driving the car feels to be sonorous and silky. The car has very good and convincing acceleration. BMW 435i engine includes a turbocharged six-cylinder engine that is powered by a petrol motor. It is also capable of generating maximum power of 306 PS or 225kw with an rpm rate of 5800 to 6000. Also, the engine can generate a maximum torque speed of 400NM or 295lb per foot with an rpm rate of 1200 to 5000. 

                 The car also comes standard with a rear-wheel drive and has a six-speed manual gearbox. The combined fuel economy of the car is 7.9 liters per 100kilometers. That is 36mpg in the UK and the USA fuel economy is 30mpg. The car can also accelerate at a very fast rate, that is the car can reach a speed of 62mph from zero in just about 5.4 seconds. The BMW 435i engine helps the car to reach a maximum speed of 250km/hr or 155mph. The F32 4series coupe 435i weights around 1585kgs or 3494lbs.

Table of Content-

  • Specification of the BMW 435i engine
  • Acceleration and performance of the BMW 435i engine
  • Conclusion

Specification of the BMW 435i engine-     

The 435i is also a very refined car and its chassis design is very convenient for a comfortable ride, good handling behavior, and road holding. The BMW 435i is one of the most loved and favored cars available in the market. Also, the car is a dream car of many people with its mind-blowing speed and superb handling experience. Which makes it a perfect companion for road trip driving. The car also suits best for the daily driver with its agile performance and responsive gearbox provides a lifetime experience to the driver. Let’s now jump directly to the main specification of the BMW 435i engine.

Fuel system – direct injection

Fuel variant – petrol variant

Total no of cylinders – six-cylinder inline engine 

Alignment of the engine – longitudinal

Size or displacement of the engine – 181.8 cu-in or 2979cm3

Total no of valves – 24 Valves

Position of the engine – Front

The ratio of compression – 10,2

Aspiration of the engine – Intercooler and Turbocharge

Bore x stroke – 3.31 x 3.5 inches or 84.0 x 89.6mm

The maximum power output of the engine – 225 kW or 302 bhp at an rpm rate of 5800 to 6000

Drive wheel or drive train – rear-wheel drive

Maximum torque speed of the engine – 295lb.ft 400NM with an rpm rate of 1200 to 5000

Gearbox or transmission of the engine – six-speed manual transmission

The following information relates to the specification of the BMW 435i engine. These specifications of the engine are very vital for the car. As it defines the agility and performance of the car. This helps the 435i to achieve its unique and distinct sports look. The specification of the 435i makes it a wonderful car through its performance. Also, it is gonna help you in finding your car with all the desired features.

Acceleration and performance of the BMW 435i engine-

The BMW 435i has a wider track, retuned suspension system with a longer wheelbase, and low center of gravity. Which makes the car more agile and has outstanding dynamic behavior than its predecessor models. The 435i is a powerful car and can gain a very fast speed in very little time. Also, the car gets power through a six-cylinder twin-turbocharged with a petrol motor. The displacement size of the engine is around 2979cm3 or 181.8 cu-in.

The engine is also so powerful that it can generate a maximum power of 225kw or 306PS with an rpm rate of about 5800 to 6000. Also, it is capable of generating a maximum torque speed of 295lb per foot or 400NM with an rpm rate of 1200 to 5000. The 435i has one of the lowest centers of gravity in comparison to other BMW models. The car comes standard with a rear-wheel drive and a six-speed manual transmission. The 435i can accelerate from zero to 62mph in just about 5.4seconds. Also, the car is capable of accelerating from zero to 1000m in about 24.3seconds. The BMW 435i engine also helps the car to reach a maximum speed of 155mph or 250km/hr.  


The 435i comes standard with rear-wheel drive. However, there is an option to upgrade to the sportier all-wheel drive. Also, 435i has a fuel tank storage capacity of around 60 liters that means 13.2gallons in the UK, and in the USA is 15.9gallons. The tire size of the car in the rear, as well as the front wheel, is 225/50 in 17inch alloys. It has a six-speed manual transmission with about 24 valves around the engine. The car can reach a maximum top speed of 250km/hr. The above article carries all information relating to the BMW 435i engine. For further reading, you can refer to the BMW X5M engine, BMW 550i engine, BMW 328i engine, and BMW 545i engine.   

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