How Much Does An Ignition Coil Cost?

When you think of replacing or repairing any faulty part of your car, whether it’s related to the engine or the auto body repair. The first thought that struck through your mind is that what will be the cost of the replacing and repairing. Some problems with an engine can cost you a fortune. But there are several other problems that may occur to your car’s engine which can be done at very lost cost. One often issue is the ignition coil, let’s know what will happen if gets faulty and how much does an ignition coil cost?

Function Of Ignition Coil

The main function of an ignition coil is to transfer enough power to the spark plugs to start the engine. The ignition coil converts the 12 V battery power into 25,000-30,000 V by storing the battery power. The ignition coil then releases the high-voltage power to ignite the fuel. The other name of the ignition fuel is a spark coil.

What If And How An Ignition Coil Becomes Faulty?

When an ignition coil gets damaged or becomes faulty your car will surely not start. Because how it will start if it doesn’t get enough power supply to ignite fuel up. There are various reasons because of which an ignition coil in your car can become useless. Sometimes the ignition coil fails due to excessive vibration in the car while accelerating. Or sometimes if you’re using a used ignition or used sparkplugs which comes if you buy a used engine then it can occur that your ignition coil burns out because of excessive load.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you’re a well-known owner of your car and you’re able to change the faulty ignition coil on your own. Then you can save the extra labour cost which can come around $100-$130.

The parts of the ignition coil can cost you around $150-$280. And you’re new to the engine mechanics if you don’t know how to change ignition coil on your own do not try to be over smart. Just leave this work for professionals. If you go to some big fancy automobile shops then the total cost of an ignition coil can come around $400-$500, but if you opt to go to some known mechanics or some famous non-fancy shops. Then the average cost of the ignition coil can come around $150-$200, which is pretty fair, regarding the work of the ignition coil in a vehicle.